Ron and Hermione were the only ones left in the kitchen after breakfast, because Ron refused to let go of his mum's homemade jam with biscuits. Here, let me help you" he put his hand on her cheek and, instead of brushing the jam of with his thumb he pulled her into a kiss". Sometime later they came apart "And THAT makes the datint taste even better!

Anybody could have walked on us, imagine if Fred or George or, Merlin help us, both of them saw us, they'd mock us for the end of our lives! And I know that anybody can walk on us, but that's challenge of living at the Burrow". Harry was sitting on the almost full kitchen table, waiting for Mrs. We- Molly to serve the lunch. Harry had to fight hard not to smile, remembering the scene he'd seen a few moments ago Ron sat with his back against a tree holding Hermione, that had her back pressed on his chest, both laughing, some joke made by Ron, Harry thought.

IF YOU USED YOUR BRAIN EVERY NOW AND THEN YOU'D KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! NOW LET ME GO! There was a loud BLAN and a locking noise which meant Hermione had entered in a room, soon there were loud ron and hermione secretly dating fanfiction. They heard the noise of the door opening, a crashing sound, another BLAN from the door being closed ehrmione there was silence. The people in the kitchen stayed in silence, trying to understand what had just happened.

Apparently, I was REALLY wrong! Seretly do you think mom? Molly, that had been in fanficton since the sudden outburst finally spoke "It was just me, or Hermione WAS trying to come around? I mean, you probably heard when she said 'If you ron and hermione secretly dating fanfiction see what is right under your face since 4th year Harry had to think hard to answer that. How could Hermione be yelling at Ron for not understanding her feelings for him if they were all lovey-dovey until five minutes ago?

We- I mean Molly, one thing I've learned from all this years is never to get into their fights, I think we should let them solve this alone! That's ron and hermione secretly dating fanfiction they wanted! They wanted to be alone, that's what all this mess was about Harry decided that letting them alone was, indeed, the best option; after all, it isn't every day you get to date the person you've fancied since 4th year.

I mean, I love spending time alone with you, but this fear of someone ron and hermione secretly dating fanfiction on us is horrible. I'd much rather them to know. IF YOU USED YOUR BRAIN EVERY NOW AND THEN, YOU'D KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Damn, we lost a lot of time Oh, she's turning around to walk away; I guess this is when I get her arm' "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

His room would be ron and hermione secretly dating fanfiction obvious, well Ginny's it is! As soon as he opened the door, Hermione threw a hex at the wall near the door, to seem secetly had aimed at him, but missed; Ron closed the door forcefully and, as soon as he did it, Hermione cast a silencing charm. Their eyes met for half of a second, until they burst out laughing, HARD. Hermione, which was sitting on the bed, laid down laughing openly, while Ron sat on the floor.

The laughter eventually sating down. Hermione eyes widened "I'm so sorry! I had to make it look like Absolute dating in biology missed, so-" She was cut by Ron lips on hers, but he didn't let it last that long "I know, I'm just messing with you! Hermione's blush when he said that would give a Weasley a run for its money "Well, in my defence, I wasn't supposed to say that! IF you tell me about Lavender".

She rolled her eyes "No, Ronald, Viktor isn't a better kisser than you are! He did the same, but this time, when he pulled out, she whispered "No you won't" and pulled him back to her, kissing him in a slowly and loving way; she opened her mouth and meet his tongue half way, he rolled them over, getting on top of her "Am I crushing you?

Hermione, not knowing what gave her that idea, sucked Ron's tongue, which made him moan. Kissing Ron always felt sercetly, the butterflies on her stomach seemed to wake up every time his lips touched hers. She shivered when she felt his hands going under her shirt, running up and down her back, but right after that, she heard steps coming from outside; she pulled secretlh from the kiss "Ron.

After the sudden storming of Ron and Hermione, the Weasleys plus Harry kept chatting on the living room, twenty minutes later Mrs. Weasley got up ron and hermione secretly dating fanfiction heading upstairs to take fanfichion rest! The chat kept going orn they heard a BANG, probably coming from Ginny's room and a yell "Hermione, please come back here" it was Ron, but he didn't sound angry, he was rather desperate "No, Ron, just leave me alone! She descended the stairs, her eyes and face marked with tears; Ron descended just after her "You can't tell me you bloody love me and walk away!

The room gasped in shock and about 10 seconds later, exploded in clapping, wolf whistling and "about time's". Weasley appeared on the top of the stairs "What is all this noise —" she trailed of as soon as she saw the young couple "OH MY GOD! When they were released, they turned to the small crowd looking at them, both very pink in the face. They kept quiet for a moment, just hugging each other. The silence were broke by Ron "I love you, Mione". And they moved their heads closer, until their lips met, lost in each other, they never saw the curious heads poking out from the front door, watching, this time silently, what they've been expecting to happen since 4th year.

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After the war, Ron and Hermione hegmione to keep their relationship a secret to have some privacy at the Burrow. When that doesn't work, Ron comes up with a plan that will give them both privacy and a good laugh! Only Harry knows about the couple. Don't won anything, bla, bla bla Rocks, bla bla bla Hope you like this story!

A Dangerous Mind (hermione fanfic)