'NCIS' Season 10 Celebration: The 10 Best Ziva Episodes

Singled Out (episode)

This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Cast Characters Quotes Fan Fiction Fan Art Music Gibbs' Rules NCIS Goes to the Movies. An abandoned car is found full of blood, registered to a missing Navy lieutenant. The NCIS team learns that the missing lieutenant was profiling men, trying to find a perfect man for herself.

When they find out that the woman intended to go to a seminar at a local hotel, Ziva goes undercover to find more information. Ducky is busy going through the profiles of the men. Jenny makes a secret offer to Tony. Threads for this page. Aug 133: I personally did not like Tony as team leader. I found it awkward having McGee call him Boss and it almost made him an equal to Gibbs. It just felt wierd to watch. So I guess i am asking, did ncis ziva speed dating like Tony as team leader or should that job just stick with Gibbs?

Do you find this valuable? Boss Dinozzo episode Gibbs Jethro season 4 Singled out Team Leader Tony. Tony as team leader By: MulchahyAug 134: May not s;eed the most popular opinion but thats what Ncjs feel I love Tony but he needs to find his own style of Leading. Sure he has the campfires, but those never grew on me. You brought up a great point. Post a ncis ziva speed dating thread. Showing 1 of 1 threads for this page.

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October 3, written by: David North directed by: Dating victoria swenson opening scene ncis ziva speed dating Tony and Jenny Shepard with the flowers. I was being polite. The scene in Abby's lab where Gibbs 1 understood geek speak, 2 tried to make her spesd by telling her McGee found the name of the woman in the car, and Abby pulling him by the arm twice hard.

Gibbs grooming his moustache in the mirror ncis ziva speed dating the interrogation room. Tony staring at Speec bottom during her "exercising" in the squad room. Believe me, not from this angle. Tony calling the missing Lieutenant a female McGee. When Gibbs wakes Abby by whispering in her ear, "Your computer's on fire. When Tony, Ziva and McGee are playing on morph pro and Gibbs walks in when they are putting him and the Director on there! Ziva, after going through all undercover preparations, asking: T he whole Ziva speed dating scene.

You're a geek not deranged. Tony's real character shows when Jenny offers him his own team, his sense of responsibility and loyalty makes him hesitate to agree. First time we hear about the undercover operation that Tony had undertaken. Tony is deeply hurt by Ziva's comments on him being threatened by Gibbs' presence when he was doing his best to make Gibbs feel at home again, and then later by Tim's comment on him being only a temporary leader because Gibbs quit and that he is not capable of having his own team, specially when he was already offered it by Jenny.

Even with Tony falling every now and then into the role of ncis ziva speed dating team leader, Gibbs is amused and in many scenes seems proud of him. Gibbs watching the team's treatment of Tony after his return and talking to McGee about it. Tony enjoys being the team leader and sometimes may even miss it, but still believes he has lot more to learn from Gibbs. Gibbs acts different with that moustache and it surprises the team and possibly catches them off guard. McGee is more bothered now when Tony calls him Probie.

Ducky conducting a psychological autopsy because he has a degree in forensic psychology. There is some odd tension growing between Gibbs and Ducky. Abby is jealous of Gibbs' attention to McGee. The song playing in the opening is " Strict Machine " by Goldfrapp. At the start of the episode, the girl driving the car is wearing the same top as 'Marta' evil Hamas chick, friends with Ari and now dead did in 'Reveille'.

When McGee uses MorphPro ncis ziva speed dating Tony and Ziva datinv result is a babybut just before that he said that MorphPro is used to predict the appearance of your adult offspring. Heather Avery Clyde Lt. Anne Sullivan Mieko Hillman Jennifer Murphy Datinb Beaver Larry West Claire Coffee Nikki Crawshaw Daniel Zivz Calvin Hopper Misha Collins Justin Farris Seamus Dever Graham Thomas. Links to add other episode info.

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