Removing engine with cherry picker... any solid lifting points?

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If you are serious about working on cars, there are some tools that are essential to a well-equipped mechanical shop. An air compressor and air tools cut down on the time and effort required for almost any auto repair job. A multimeter and test light are a must for electrical repairs. You cannot overhaul an engine without a cherry picker and an engine stand. A cherry picker plucks an engine out from under the hood of a car in no time.

If you are unfamiliar with the term "cherry picker," it is the nickname of an engine puller or hoist. Stability comes from long horizontal legs spread apart at an angle that make the base wider at the front of the rolling support than at the rear. Smooth rolling wheels or casters make movement of the picker easier, especially when under a load. Capacity is determined primarily by the rating of the jack that raises the lifting arm of the picker.

An 8-ton jack provides 4, lbs. An adjustable lifting arm allows you to reach engine assemblies set further back into the engine compartment. Pulling an engine out of a car requires a good amount of prep work before hooking up the cherry picker. Disconnect the vehicle's battery before beginning the engine removal process and then remove all electrical connections on the engine. Loosen and remove fuel lines, taking care where to hook up cherry picker to ytp dating fuel during the process.

When removing the transmission with the engine, disconnect transmission lines and electrical connections. Disconnect the drivetrain components, like axle shafts or drive where to hook up cherry picker, from the transmission. Remove bolts from the motor mounts so where to hook up cherry picker assembly is free to lift out of the engine compartment.

Remove the hood from the vehicle for easy access to the entire engine compartment. Locate two attachment points on the top of the engine where the puller chain attaches. Remove any top engine components necessary to find sure points to bolt the chain. The wider the chain attachment, the more stable the assembly in the air. Bolt the chain to the engine assembly using grade eight bolts.

Keep slack in the chain to allow the puller hook proper positioning above the engine in the middle of the chain. Slide the cherry picker under the vehicle and position the pulling arm over the center of the engine; use the shortest adjustment of the pulling arm that allows proper locating of the picker. Attach the hook into the chain at its center and begin lifting the assembly where to hook up cherry picker the cherry picker supports the weight of the engine.

Test the stability of the weighted picker, lower the assembly, and adjust the chain if necessary to achieve optimum balance. Lift the assembly out of the engine compartment by pumping the jack handle and guiding the assembly carefully over the front grille or side fender. Be certain you use a chain with the same lifting strength as the cherry picker. Never use a damaged chain or a chain of unknown quality. Keep hands and arms out from under the engine assembly during the lifting process in the event that the assembly shifts or drops unexpectedly.

Protect fenderspaint, and chrome trim from fluid drips or scratches by using fender covers as protection during the engine assembly removal process. Never lift where to hook up cherry picker engine assembly higher than absolutely necessary for removal from the engine compartment. Lower the engine assembly as soon as it is clear of the vehicle.

A low center of gravity is safer when moving the assembly suspended from the cherry picker. Sellers on eBay are eager to earn your business and offer a large selection of cherry pickers from which to choose. Enter "cherry picker" into the search bar on any page, click on the search button, and a listing of products matching the keywords displays. Choose the product you wish to purchase and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. Whether you are building a high-performance engine, repairing an engine that has suffered an internal failure, or swapping out a broken one with a remanufactured unit, a cherry picker is necessary to get the job done.

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