McCoy Pottery Recognizing an Original

Fakes and Reproductions Marked McCoy

Reproductions, fakes and look-a-likes are a source of concern for McCoy collectors. I'd like to urge newer McCoy collectors to educate themselves about the item they're collecting. Buy a good reference book and study it. Visit flea markets and antique malls and get a "feel" for the pottery. You'll soon learn about the proper weight, marms and texture of McCoy. Don't be afraid to ask questions of dealers mcoy other collectors.

We all should be willing dating mccoy pottery marks share the knowledge we pottsry. Please be cautious of buying from sellers on eBay that use private auctions datibg have hidden feedback. Several are known to sell fakes that are marked "McCoy". Some of the images below are linked to larger photos, however, some of them are the largest images I could find and are not clickable. Among the numerous McCoy items that have been reproduced by unscrupulous potters is the Hyacinth Vase that McCoy made in the potyery.

The Genuine McCoy Hyacinth vase is on the right datinf the fake on the left. Most noticeable is the lack of detail in the fake and the 'shallowness' of the colors and glaze. Craig Chisholm offered me this photo to use showing the difference in the Genuine McCoy Scotties Planter along with the fake. He showed this in a listing on ebay to help educate collectors. This is a reproduction dtaing and leaves wall pocket. One sure way to recognize this as a repro besides the smaller size is that the Original Wall Pocket was not marked.

This is a reproduction Leprechaun cookie jar. McCoy did not make this wall pocket. Even though these items may be found with a McCoy mark, they're fating from the genuine Nelson McCoy Pottery Company. This Genuine McCoy peacock strawberry jar came in the rustic colors only. This dog dish is highly reproduced. Several years ago I had the opportunity to examine Billie McCoy's Genuine Green Gleep dating mccoy pottery marks photo - right.

I potterry comparing it to a green one that was for sale at the time. Her Gleep is the only genuine Green Gleep that I'm aware of. The top photo was sent to me. Again, the fake is on the left and the genuine Gleep on the right. Click image for larger view. McCoy did not make this vase. This turtle sprinkler ONLY came in the typical McCoy green. This is a copy of a McCoy Cookie dating mccoy pottery marks, widely reproduced.

McCoy did not make a Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar. These are not McCoy cookie jars. Beware buying this planter, Highly reproduced. McCoy did NOT make Red Riding Hood Items. McCoy did not make this Wall Pocket. This is a copy of a RRPCO Jar. This Scotty Dog planter came only in the rustic colors. McCoy never made this wall pocket. This McCoy Vase is not genuine. McCoy did not make dating mccoy pottery marks planter. McCoy did not make this C. McCoy did not make these pieces.

Mccot is a copy of a genuine McCoy wall Pocket, but this is not Genuine. This is not McCoy. McCoy did not make this item. The Genuine McCoy Mailbox WP ONLY came in McCoy Marka. This vase is highly reproduced. McCoy did not make this Pie Bird. McCoy did not make this set. McCoy did not make Betty Boop. These are highly reproduced, check for correct mark, size and colors. This is Not McCoy. This is not a Genuine McCoy Mammy. McCoy did Not make this pitcher. This is markz repro of a McCoy wall pocket, did not come in this color.

This is a reproduction of a McCoy item, check size and colors before mccpy. This is a reproduction. It was not marked McCoy originally. The Whaling Man Lamp on the right was made by Dating mccoy pottery marks McCoy Pottery during the 's. Nccoy many of dating mccoy pottery marks were produced and it can be confusing to collectors determining if they have the Real McCoy or the Ceramic Mold Look-A-Like.

Several differences can help you see dsting difference. The look-a-like does have the ceramic texture, much lighter than the Ohio clay of the Genuine Whaler and is generally in matte colors. The Genuine McCoy has a birchwood finish. The last but most definitive difference is the bottom. Note that dating mccoy pottery marks Genuine Lamp Base on the Right has the approx l" wide rim around the outer edge.

If you're questioning one of these lamp bases out in pottwry marketplace This is a genuine McCoy Online dating racial preference on Basketweave that has been reproduced. Below is the original mark. McCoy did NOT make a stretch cat. McCoy did NOT make ANY Red Riding Hood Items. Click here for additional info regarding fake McCoy items Quita's Corner Homepage.

Home History About Me Photo Galleries Items Potttery Sale Items Wanted McCoy Marks References Articles What Is It? Fake McCoy Pieces Favorite Links Contact Me. Typical example of a McCoy reproduction. The orange train on the left is considerably smaller and lightweight compared to the Real McCoy on the right. The Genuine McCoy is marked McCoy USA and the fake only McCoy.

Here's just one more thing to watch out for. Thanks to cousin Mike for the vase!

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