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Username or Email Address. This article was posted in Travel. I grew up in a Chicago suburb, but traveled to and through the city frequently to visit relatives and hang with friends. Queers of all flavors reside comfortably in many different places all over the city, with a lot iwu dating app the backlash coming only from within the queer community itself.

Unfortunately for my liver, you can find lesbians out and about each night of the week. Many large, queer read: Here is a non-exhaustive though compiling this, I am quite exhaustedlisting of the lesbian matchmaking chicago places and spaces:. Wild Thursdays Victor Hotel, N. Sometimes the Chicago Force comes here to drink, and be warned: Formerly Known As FKA Big ChicksLesbian matchmaking chicago.

Usually a bear bar on Thursdays, the first one of each month is reserved for an always-packed-by Personally, this is my favorite dance party because of the completely welcoming and lesbian matchmaking chicago environment, regardless of gender identity. If you want to meet Effingdykes writer, Krista, you can usually find her here. Queerer Park Beauty Bar Chicago, W. There used to be bi-weekly Saturday parties, but so far this year, there has only been one.

Hopefully the parties come back because they were always a good time. But be careful with those. Dollhouse Cuna Lounge, W. Frequented mostly by lesbians of color, this weekly party will have you dancing every Friday. Recently, the Dolls started Sunday Night Sex Talks at The Dragon Lady Lounge N. Spyners Pub N. Spin Nightclub W. The environment seems to be a little cliquey, so go with a big group of friends. That being said, I encourage you to check it out for yourself, preferably on a Thursday night for the Stardust party or bring your friends to Robyn night on Sunday.

Joie de Vine W. Do you like wine? Do you also like lesbians? Sapphic Adventures Lady-loving-ladies-only events, organized by other Chicago gay ladies. Chicago Diner N. A good choice after a night of partying in Boystown, the Chicago Diner is completely vegetarian and mostly vegan. Stop in for a burger and some beer, and then dance the night away! My new favorite place. Oh, and while you are eating, a hilarious female impersonator comes out and performs for you.

Pick Me Up Cafe N Clark St For a laid-back dining experience, stop by Pick Me Up Cafe. The breakfast is always a solid choice, and I enjoy their milkshakes and desserts. Pick Me Up also has vegetarian and vegan options. The menu here is really diverse, and they serve booze, too. IHOP GayHOP N. Located on the north edge of Boystown, this IHOP is open 24 hours and almost always packed full of queers with the munchies, lesbian matchmaking chicago after the bars close.

Women and Children First N. A cute little bookstore that hosts author readings, feminist book clubs, and various other events. Every time I go in there, I half-expect Fred Armisen in a dress to yell at me for shaving my armpits. There is, however, a wonderfully extensive LGBTQ section, covering everything from culture to humor to history. Also, their sex section is pretty boss as well. Take it for what it lesbian matchmaking chicago, I guess.

Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association CMSA The coolest, most organized, queer social sports league in all of America! CMSA offers coed and single-sex options for tons of sports at various levels. Softball, flag football, soccer play with me! CMSA also sponsors parties throughout the year with no cover for CMSA players! I could go on forever about CMSA, but I have to save room for roller derby. And what better way is there to spend a Saturday night than watching a bunch of strong women of all sizes, body types, ethnicities, etc.

Chicago is where roller derby was born over 75 years ago, and when it was revived and reinvented in the early s, Chicago was among the earliest leagues to form. WCR bouts are held at the UIC Pavillion S. Logan Boulevard and afterparties at the Cobra Lounge North Ashland Avenue. There is also a lot of suburban derby springing up all over Chicagoland, like Rockford Rage and the Aurora 88s. And for those interested in maybe dipping a toe into derby before diving literally headfirst into the full contact sport, there is Derby Lite at various city and suburban locations.

The game went into double maybe even triple overtime, and these women kicked ass! This year at the pride outing, the Sky won with 0. They still play games in the suburbs through the WPSL, though. Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers CLLAW This annual event is always a blast! The Chicago Cubs are great supporters of the queer community, so they deserve a shout out!

From north to south you have Northwestern, Loyola, DePaul, The Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, University of Illinois — Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology job dating bruxelles school and University of Chicago. Each year one college hosts the annual Coming Out Ball, which is a great time to meet college queers from all across Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

Boystowna subsection of Lakeview, is the gay lesbian matchmaking chicago of Chicago. Trapezoidally shaped, its borders span from Belmont on the South to Grace up North, with Halsted and Broadway to lesbian matchmaking chicago West and East. Most of the gay bars, clubs, restaurants, street parties and shops are located in this area.

Be careful if you drunkenly wander outside these confines alone late at night, because the surrounding areas can be sketch, especially in the summer. Boystown is mostly male-dominated, but a surprisingly good number of my lesbian friends and I live in or around this area. Housed between Foster lesbian matchmaking chicago Bryn Mawr, Ravenswood and Magnolia is a diverse selection of locally-own shops, restaurants, bars, pubs, museums, and entertainment.

Rent in Andersonville can be expensive, so some people live in neighboring Edgewater or Rogers Park. For the most part, there are not-so-safe places in and around every Chicago neighborhood. Some folks cite Wrigleyville, the jock next-door-neighbor of Boystown, to be unsafe to frequent, but there was lesbian matchmaking chicago article in TimeOut Chicago where they performed a Wrigleyville-Boystown swap, and everything was generally normal.

Lesbian In Chicago: Uncovering A Cause and A Conspiracy