Masked – Anonymous Dating: App Review


Talking to someone, meeting them and even flirting with them is great fun. But can you imagine what it would be like to do all of the above whilst maintaining your privacy and keeping your true identity from being revealed? Masked helps you to achieve this. So we gave it a look under the bonnet and tried it out. Anonymous Dating allows you to experiment in ways you could not possibly do when plunged face to face with a member of the opposite sex in a bar, restaurant or dating agency office.

You can even test the water by using disposable profiles to help you find out how dating works masked dating app you were an entirely different person than the one you really are. Underneath a mask, a person will reveal a lot more about themselves than you might think. It is just knowing that your true identity will never be revealed that your guard can come completely down.

Who cares if you make a mistake? However, it works both ways, so any lies you are telling must surely be manifesting in the other direction? But the very art of being yourself and not having masked dating app try too hard is the beauty of the app. However, those thinking of abusing the system and being abusive to members of the opposing sex can forget it as the developers and administrators will have dating agency durban telephone number.

The telephone number is masked dating app revealed to any of the members on Masked and is revealed purely to prevent abuse, start up the account and verify that you are not some robot. You will enjoy responding to any profile that intrigues you and sharing of pictures is allowed but only if you actually want to. You see, remaining anonymous is only a choice.

Anonymous Dating is an masked dating app website that works on all iOS platforms, so you can chat and remain secretive while out and about on your iPhone too.

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