Digital Manners: Your Online Dating Photo Is Deceptive

The Deceptive Online Dating Photo

Dating Profile ReviewDating RealitiesDating SkillsNEW! Hi, I wanted to ask your opinion about online dating profiles and honesty. The girl looked very pretty and seemed really fun and interesting online. But it was the same old pattern… she text saying she had arrived to the bar just before I came through the door and I had to look around, not seeing her. Then I see someone waving at me… definitely not the person I thought I was chatting to online. But I just find this a real turn off.

To be fair, she was a nice girl, I stayed and we chatted and she was very polite and nice. The girl I thought Deceptive online dating pictures was meeting was back in somewhere. Now, I know, we all put our best foot forward and try to pick our best pictures for our profile. But what do you think is fair between putting your best foot forward and just flat out being deceptive?

What you see is what you get and honesty is the best policy I feel. I might be ten pounds heavier or my hair might be curly or straight. Nor am I being egregiously deceptive. What are they thinking by posting these photos? Well, I bet in many cases they actually believe they closely resemble those photos. In other cases, yeah, they might be using a shot from when they were a little deceptive online dating pictures or had more hair.

Because shit happens sometimes. Maybe those pics are 8 months old and they got sick or suffered an injury and stopped working out or whatever. Dating online is a chore. Deceptive online dating pictures know it and I know it. The fact is that you have no idea when those photos were taken. And if those photos did have tell-tale signs of being old, well shame on you. So how about all of those people constantly complaining about how different their dates looked just deceptive online dating pictures to being as shallow as the rest of us and get off introduction titles dating sites high horses, hmm?

For all of those folks who go the radical honesty route, good on ya. Just the idea that someone might be sizing me up and mentally taking deceptive online dating pictures measurements annoys me. But you play a part in this and you know it. I totally understand the LWs frustration. I recall showing up on a date and seeing a guy who was EASILY 50 pounds heavier and 10 years older then his pictures.

I didnt realize the fact that we really arent all that self aware until I myself gained 15 pounds and found that I see virtually the same person in the mirror. Did she look OLDER? What do you think? There is a line somewhere between selling ourselves and total deception. I suppose the same rules as sales applies. What can an investment company tell you about a stock? What can a salesman tell you about his product?

What can a contractor tell you about his services? Well actually, there are laws on the books to protect people from downright fraud in all these situations. People have successfully sued people for not informing them that they had genital herpes or some other venereal disease. People have brought successful breach of promise suits.

So given that reality, there is a line, in spite of what anyone might like to excuse himself or herself with in this game of deception. His story is a poor example of everything I said above. When things keep happening, deceptive online dating pictures has to be an acceptance of responsibility. We all have the deceptive online dating pictures to learn and evolve.

There is also a greater issue at hand. I gave women their call yesterday on this issue. My apologies for not including guys in that call. I guess this guy dating sites ilford reminding me that some men do the same. This is my take. Beauty is a very subjective thing. As for OP, he needs to do his due diligence, and ask the appropriate questions on the phone — before meeting for a simple coffee date.

If ALL the OP is going to focus on is how current a photo is, then he is going to run into the same issues time and time again. You are NEVER going to eliminate those people who post older photos of themselves — in hopes to baiting someone deceptive online dating pictures, and you are NEVER going to prevent those men AND women — who state they are years younger either! It is what it is. You take the good with the bad.

Trust me, I am sure there have been times when some women met you and walked away in bewilderment — wondering: Sometimes profiles have only got headshots, only professional photos which are clearly touched up, photos in low light or from a distance, through filters or of course the girl with stunning super model looks who messages us from a foreign country… obviously in those cases you have to wonder if what you see is what you get.

Like pictures while out with friends, at a party, at a sports event, etc… no filters, just everyday stuff. And at the end, when you meet deceptive online dating pictures, they are significantly different. I can see why people are getting hot and bothered. Well, the point is, why not be honest about that? If I was buying a car and decided to buy a Honda Civic. In all honestly, the girl I met this week.

If she was honest online. She was still cute and very nice. But the bait and switch has now thrown many red flags. Hardly sets a good impression of their personality off the bat. You may need to adopt a defense mechanism to save yourself. Automatically assume that the woman is a couple of steps down from that photo. Assume the photos are at least a couple of years old.

Assume she now has extra weight. Assume she just had an acne breakout and has at least three zits showing. When you meet her, two things can happen. She will be, the discounted look you expected, or you may be pleasantly surprised. Here are some signs to look for. Poor lighting is sign. Distant pics are a sign. Those dresses and outfits where you cant get a sense of her shape are a sign. Photos with other people are a sign. When I did consulting, our motto was to under-promise and over-deliver.

This is my online dating strategy, completely. I like having guys be deceptive online dating pictures surprised that I actually look better than my pics. I think it works for guys, too. I also agree with lowering your expectations. Outright deceit is a deal breaker for me, too, but the dating process is definitely easier if you can walk in to a date hoping for an enjoyable few hours and nothing more.

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