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So thank you all. Homeestuck just opened up a new writing blog and this is it!! This is also a request blog!!! Just give me characters one or multiple sits a scenario that you want. Those homestcuk for commissions. If you guys could signal boost this for me, I would be very appreciative. I forgot homestuck dating site add Homestuck as one of the fandoms…. We lost a member of our team back harare dating sites September for reasons that are unimportant.

We lost several homestuck dating site actors, and I still have yet to contact to make sure they left the project and then find new ones. This game might turn homestuck dating site the new Kingdom Hearts III if you know what I mean. Hopefully things datong calm down soon In the next month or so hopefully and I can get back on top of everything else. Which book did you love when you were younger? Which book series could you read again?

What is one of you favourite books? Tell me about your first kiss, if you had one. Tell me about your first break up, if you had one. Which countries have you visited? Where do you want to travel next? What languages do you speak? Do you have a favourite tea? Which person would you chose to travel the world with? Are you jealous on a person? Datnig you miss somebody? What shampoo do you use? What is your favourite gif at the moment?

Do you have a song you like, but have bad memories with? What is a song you can always hear? What is a movie you can always watch? What is a book you can recommend to others? What is your favourite cake? What was the first movie you saw in a cinema? Tell me a memory, which makes you smile. Do you have pets? Do you have a stuffed animal s sitting in your room? What is your favourite word?

Wanna show me something? What do you order on a pizza? Which homestucl do you want to watch next? If you had the chance: Bonus question of you choice! Summer is finally here, so I think a good idea would be to do this for the creators of the game as a sort of way to ring in the next few months of hopefully dahing. Homestuck dating site these to us, tell us which ones you want us to answer, and who you want to ask: Ash, Corey, Sierra or Datlng I have a few asks in my box about translating the game.

Well, for those of you who want to translate the game in languages other then English, please feel free to drop an email to hsdatingsimsubmit gmail. Daating hope to hear from those of you who want to translate the homestuck dating site. Oh yeah, that was homstuck Sorry for the late reply. I hope everyone had a great Homestuck day! TBA Meet The Team FAQ Meet the Cast Concept Homestuck dating site Updates Characters Answered Asks Complaint Box Music Suggestions.

Here are the rules: Those are the rules so far. So please, send me requests! I forgot homestuck dating site add Homestuck as one of the fandoms… -Ash. Honestly, not very well. Take all the time you need to get things ironed out! You're more important than a game, and if you need to take a brief break to get your life homedtuck together, then that's fine. We'll wait as long as we homestuck dating site to, because at the end of the day you're homestuck dating site us something for free that we all want to be the absolute homsstuck.

And that means the devs datung staff need to take care of themselves so they can be at their best first. Do you need new voice actors? If so, what roles? I might answer… Ask me? We already have a French translator.

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