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What to look out for: Used 1965 Cub

Not logged in [ Login ]. Printable Version Subscribe Triumph tiger cub engine number dating to Favourites. Brighton, England Member Is Offline. I have a trials Cub with special frame so it is not road registered and I can't look in the log book to find the date of manufacture. My engine number is T20B 44xx and I would like to be able to have some idea of when it was buiit. I am sure there must be others in a similar position who would like the same information available.

T Posting Freak Posts: Budleigh Salterton Member Is Offline Mood: A used Cub is a happy Cub. If you look on this site's home page there is this link to serial number dating: Funnily enough, it looks like a little "Home" Martyn You're never too old to learn something stupid. Thanks Martyn, looks like mine will be a then as it's T20B Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I am not so hot with this computer stuff!

Cheltenham, England Member Is Offline Mood: Dating limassol cyprus Bit confused triumph tiger cub engine number dating - I've looked at this list as well, but my cub frame no. It's the swinging arm one, so can I assume it is a one, as surely the early one would have been a plumger one??? Ayrshire, Scotland Member Is Offline Mood: Always worth e-mailing Mike Estall on mikeestall hotmail. For a very modest fee he'll give you details such as the date it left the factory, the name of the dealer that sold and when, etc.

DAVE M Posting Freak Posts: Reading berks UK Member Is Offline. I'm pretty sure that the plunger frame is brazed together and isn't assembled with a cradle and then a triumph tiger cub engine number dating on hard tail. Otherwise I'd have suggested that an old front end was swapped after accident damage.

Triumph did release unstamped frames for repairs and maybe someone was creative with the numbering? Mike's the best guy to ask - I suppose it's possible that the frame is some kind of Triumph special but they had EXP or something numbers.

Triumph Tiger Cub in bits all over the floor (was running about 30 years ago) :)