‘Destiny’ Update Adds Matchmaking to Weekly Heroic Strikes


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Following Clan PlayStation Xbox LIVE 0 Status: Your session with PSN has expired. Reauthenticate with PSN to do weekly heroic strikes have matchmaking your friends. Your session with Xbox Live has expired. Reauthenticate with Xbox Live to view your friends. To see the latest posts, switch to the Trending sort mode. It's really annoying to have to wait for do weekly heroic strikes have matchmaking to get on to form a group for Raids, Nightfalls and Heroic strikes, especially since we can't go to a public area like the Tower and recruit due to the voice chat restrictions imposed in the game.

Not to mention it's hard to find people of the right level as well. Matchmaking would make this so much easier and make getting gear and leveling it less of a hassle. The Matchmaking could look for players of similar level to match you with to make sure you're not going in with anyone too low to survive, as well as balance the group by diversifying the classes, bringing in 2 of each class for raids 2 titan, 2 warlock, 2 hunter and one of each for the Nightfall and Heroic strikes.

While on the topic of Strikes, it would also behoove the player base if we could finally be able to voice chat with our random fire team members instead of having to form parties through the dashboard X and XB1 versions. This should also be do weekly heroic strikes have matchmaking in the Tower as well so those who are looking to form specific groups of people for Raids can do so much easier by simply talking to those around them. Being able to openly communicate with others is a staple of MMOs.

Not allowing us to do is counter intuitive towards the game play in Destiny. Also, we should be able to do weekly heroic strikes have matchmaking the difficulty of the Raids between normal and hard. The same goes for regular strikes as well. We should be able to play strikes up to level 30 as well as difficulty modifiers for players to challenge themselves. The higher the level and difficulty modifiers, the greater the rewards. With the addition of PoE, matchmaking should be added for all modes of that activity as well, not just level Comment Reply Start Topic.

B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory. Forum Category Destiny Feedback Help Community Recruitment Gaming OffTopic. If matchmaking isn't going to happen at least designate a spot to stand in at the tower if you are looking for a group!

Destiny Weekly Update MATCHMAKING COMING TO Weekly Heroic Strike Patch 1.1.1