Sheldon Cooper

The Lunar Excitation

The episode aired on Thursday, November 12, Sheldon has Howard and Raj help him find a new sheldon cooper dating profile since they originally found Amy for him. Sheldon invited Howard and Raj over since they had originally found Amy for him; it is only logical for them to help him find a new female companion. Howard wonders if he is ready since Amy hurt him. Sheldon compares his time with Amy to datiing piece of Juicy Stripe chewing gumsweet and enjoyable until it turns into a flavorless lump of sadness.

She has sheldon cooper dating profile be kindpatient and can't imagine her life without him by Working on Sheldon's new girlHoward wants to put him on every dating site available. Sheldon is worried that his page might be answered by a computer simulating a human, but Raj wonders if that would bother him. Prodile insists at no one doesn't a better job of pretending to be a human than himself. As an alternativeSheldon wants the profilf to battle for him in a battle of wits and for the winner to come through the door, sit down next to him and quietly watch Daredevil with him.

To present Sheldon as a prizethey decide to set him up on Craigslist as a intelligent Caltech professor seeking a girlfriend and that she has to solve a series of puzzles to get his contact information. Raj and Howard are actually jealous of those candidates sheldon cooper dating profile get to solve the puzzles and they h2o cast dating have seen the prize. Leonard and Penny are walking down the stairs.

Leonard thinks that they are going to see a documentary on soda can recyclingbut Dqting insists that they are going to meet up with Bernadette datingg their surveillance of Amy datign her date. Leonard wants to see what the Big Soda companies don't want you to know, while Penny wants to find out who Amy is with and she thinks that Leonard is a weird little guy.

Sheldon puts the Sheldon Cooper Girlfriend Challenge online. The questions requires the knowledge of sciencefantasy and flags facts. If she solves them she is intelligent, tenuous and socially awkward and has nothing better to do on a Saturday vooper. That sounds too good to be true to Sheldon. At the restaurant, Amy and Dave start talking about their previous relationships. Dave was married and left England after his divorce.

He wanted children and sheldon cooper dating profile wanted a French pastry chef. Amy says that she had only one relationship that after five years was becoming more work than it should be. She decribes him as Caltech theoretical physicist and calls him Sheldon. Dave asks if she means Dr. Dave would love Sheldon's job and had been following his work for years. He keeps asking Amy questions to her annoyance.

The date then starts going downhill as Dave spends the rest of the night asking questions about Sheldon. The dinner date continues with more questions about Sheldon. He asks how long it took him to write sjeldon certain research sheldon cooper dating profile. The answer was an hour and a half, one of her dates which is much like this one. Dave also wants to be introduced to him. He thinks that it would be weird to meet her ex-boyfriend, but keeps going back and forth about the invitation.

Back in the car, Leonard needs a bathroom break and Bernadette hands him a bottle. The other guys sheldon cooper dating profile counting down to No one arrives at online dating osterreich forum apartment. Howard remarks that it was a fun experimentwhile Sheldon is convince that syeldon will show up. Raj wonders if he really wants someone who exactly like him.

Sheldon comments sheldon cooper dating profile it sheldon cooper dating profile is true, he should spend his time with them. When their dinner is over, Amy tells him that it's late and they should go. Dave apologizes that he has been stupid rpofile all night about her ex-boyfriend. He's not as smart as you know who. And he doesn't want her to forget to introduce him. The girls notice that the couple under surveillance is coming toward them.

Bernadette panics cooperr backs into the car behind them which is Dave's car. Amy wants to know what they are doing there and Bernadette turns the tables asking her the same thing. Leonard returns sheeldon Dave is excited to meet Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, though Leonard is reluctant to shake his hand considering where he came from. Finally, Amy is in her dahing with Dave at the end of her date and she ends things with him. After he again mentions Sheldon Cooper twice, Amy tells him to get out of her car.

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