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Ask Dating hare krishna devotee is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of datting little questions are answered. Join 4, readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Ask MetaFilter querying the hive mind. What To Get The Vaishnava Who Has Everything? September dating hare krishna devotee, Before dating hare krishna devotee were dating he lived in an Ashram for a while, and has been involved with the temple since he was in early high school.

I'm happily Jewish, and not personally disposed toward that sort of devotion, and I think sometimes my inability to understand comes off as skeptical or disapproving. His birthday is coming up in about a week, and I'd like to get him something, or do something for him that will demonstrate a commitment to his spirituality - or at least something that shows I'm trying. I'd love your suggestions.

More details beyond the fold. I was thinking I could get a first ed. I don't want to get him anything that should be worshipped, because that seems presumptuous. I can't afford dating hare krishna devotee nare to Hxre, and he already lives in New York. Not to be difficult here, but what if you did this thing not as a gift hqre celebrate his birthday, but something smaller and less monumental, given a little bit before, just because? I think that would go a bit longer way to show you're trying than to couch it dating hare krishna devotee a special event.

In other words, your demonstration of your acceptance of his faith should be at the level of everyday event, not special occasion. I'd worry that if you did something like this for a birthday it would say more about what you want him to think of you rather than what he wants for his day, which should be hookah hookup north carolina about him.

So perhaps get him something he really wants for his birthday and if that dating hare krishna devotee to be something tied to his spirituality, then great, but if not cover that angle elsewhere, beforehand. My sincere apologies if I've made any unfair assumptions here. Dear iamkimiam, I appreciate the intention behind your advice, and it makes me realize that my case may be more effectively communicated with a little more information.

The BF and I first met in college because we were the two darlings of our Religion department - at the time I specialized in late antique catholicism, and he specialized in modern american, and we were both weirdly fanatical about our chosen fields. Our foci have expanded since graduation, but we still take weekend trips to churches and temples, and rare religious iconography and literature is predominantly what we gift one another on special and not special occasions.

He knows I'm cool with the Hare Krishna's in practice - I'm well versed in the vocabulary, and have been to lots of lectures and events - but I have never really given him anything of direct spiritual significance, and I think it krrishna be a nice step. And if online dating dundalk deemed distasteful, please note that any Dating hare krishna devotee kishna would be in conjunction with several others.

I don't know if you are a foodie or if you even cook at all, but one of the best Indian cookbooks ever published in the West is a doorstop of a tome called Lord Krishna's Cuisine. It's sort of the Mastering The Art Of French Cooking of classic north Indian cuisine. How about some chanting CDs? The Krishna Das CD Live on Earth for a Limited Time is quite good.

Also, Krishna Das comes to New York often, so maybe tickets for the two of you to go to a concert. Vegetarian cooking class the the ICE? This seems like the perfect krrishna to ask one of devotfe boyfriend's Maybe you could bring up some of the other poster's cool suggestions and see what they think krizhna it.

As a very spiritual person, maybe he would appreciate a charitable donation instead of a material gift? The ISKON Food For Dating hare krishna devotee program does dating hare krishna devotee work. There datinng lots of books with color plates showing the artwork of Krsna like Krishna Art. Maybe one of those? Or maybe ask a fellow devotee if arati items altar pieces for a home altar, not the deity itself would also be too presumptuous? I've been an ISKCON devotee for almost fifteen years and since my parents live in Jersey, I wonder if I've met your boyfrienddating hare krishna devotee this is still a tough question to answer.

Aside from the fact lal kitab kundli matchmaking the best gifts dating hare krishna devotee the thoughtful ones read: The fact that he's dating hare krishna devotee time living in an ashram could mean that he's at least somewhat conservative or reactionary, depending on the experience he had there. Then again, the fact that he has a Jewish irishna probably means he's not too conservative at the very least, datihg means he's not fanatical, thank Krishna.

So, without a very clear idea of what sort of devotee he is, I'll take a shot anyway… Fating physical gift is likely to be appreciated by him because you're his girlfriend, and because he sounds like a devoee guybut I'm having trouble thinking of a three-dimensional object that will "demonstrate dating hare krishna devotee commitment to his spirituality.

Still, that's up to him, you can't really suggest that your present to him is the idea that he do something nice for someone else. I can't imagine he wouldn't appreciate it if you cooked a nice vegetarian meal for him — following Vaishnava culinary etiquette — and then offered it to Krishna. It might deevotee even better if you invited some of his devotee friends over to have a meal and a kirtan with the two of you. Along the lines of apparently's krisbnaif you're not into cooking, datung could also sponsor a feast at the temple on datung Avenue or in Brooklyn in his name.

That could end up being expensive, but it is a common occurrence for families to sponsor a "Sunday Feast" to celebrate someone's birthday with the idea that the birthday boy or girl will reap datimg spiritual benefit. Actually, now that I think of it…How dzting do you know the dxting there in NYC? You could talk to them about having deevotee special get together for him at the temple. They might even help with the cooking. For bonus points, you could arrange to have it at 26 2nd Avenue, the storefront in the East Village where Prabhupada first started having kirtans and Bhagava-gita classes.

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