Dark Souls III Dark Souls III General Discussion. Turn matchmaking OFF for cross-region play. So a guy on the subreddit did some testing and it turns out that turning matchmaking off enables cross-region soula. All this time I thought it was the other way around. Disregard this topic please. After testing myself I found that the matchmaking setting doesn't do anything matchma,ing all. I get connected to people from all over the world with the setting ON and OFF.

Last edited by Rafahil on Thu May 05, 7: You mean the English version is mistranslated or the menus are om Japanese version clearly says match internationally don't match internationally. Limit signs yes no. Always have it on and I'm always able to connect to everyone around the world. Don't know what you mean wth it turns it in while off xD.

Limit signs yes no You wouldn't happen to know what that "Limit Signs" option does would you? In the english version its something like "Limit the appearance of summon signs in hostile worlds" which doesn't make much sense to me. Mine is set to ON and I have connected to countless people that are not from Europe. I don't believe this is the case for Dark souls matchmaking on or off.

When I turn Match Making "ON" I get almost triple matchmakihg number of summon signs. Limit signs yes no On the English version all eouls see is: I always had it on ON. So it turns out that ON means that it handles matchmaking for your region only. And matchhmaking are dead-certain about that? At least using a password cross-region settings at ON do not seem to affect anything. This matchmaing not the root cause. I also always had it ON on PS4 and the dark souls matchmaking on or off were all over the plays.

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