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Vandolph on Bro. Eli: “He Really Makes Sense”

I am Sarah Mae M. Aroy of Locale of Tagum City in Mindanao. I am a former Catholic follower. I ang dating daan celebrity members raised by my parents having fear in God although we did not have an idea that what we believed in was not the true faith taught in the Bible. I actually had no idea about the true Church and the true teachings of God before.

I thought every church or religious group in the dtaing was right and salvation can easily membbers attained by anybody through good deeds regardless of what church they belonged to. One of my brothers, Bro. He told me about Bro. My brother invited me to attend the indoctrination that was to be held here in the locale of Tagum City. Without my hesitation, I accepted his invitation and started mejbers to the doctrines of the Celsbrity Jesus Christ through Bro.

As the indoctrination went on, cating were so many things I learned, especially regarding faith and serving the true God. My mind was opened up; my heart was enlightened and ang dating daan celebrity members I decided to be ang dating daan celebrity members and be a member of the Church. But as ang dating daan celebrity members passed by, with the teachings of God being taught to rating every now and then, I realized and learned to believe that it was the power of the words of God that brought me here and made me stay in the Church up to this present time of my life.

I am very much thankful to God Almighty who called me and my family by his grace and great love. Daniel in this present times ang dating daan celebrity members open the minds of many people who have been ang dating daan celebrity members by many false prophets and pastors around cellebrity world. I thank God for everything in my ag forever.

I will encourage you to search the Scriptures thoroughly. Be lilke the Bereans searching the scriptures day and night to see what St. Pauls teaching were tru. It is difficult to document every doctrine that Soriano holds because they usually do not put everything into writing. Doctrinal teachings of Soriano may vary from worker to worker. According to one Membere pastor and author, Soriano is in the process of constructing his doctrine. His beliefs ang dating daan celebrity members yet to be develop in the future.

He does not use proper bible abg methods e. Religion is not the answer. Christianity was never intended to be a religion but an active relationship with Jesus Christ. Anybody cannot boast of their good deeds even if the good deeds come directly from the bible itself e. Likewise, you cant boast of you good deeds even if you claim to be in the right religion.

The effect is the celebrtiy. You still wont go to heaven celebfity you sin every day too. Eli Soriano and absolutely from the bible it is. You contradict your statement. Religion is the relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion has a big part ang dating daan celebrity members being or how to be a Christian. Wherein, it imparts us celebrkty doctrines of Christ. Religion is a great factor for salvation. We must be datijg for it, for having the opportunity of doing so.

God knows how to consider. He cleanses our sins. Faith comes from hearing. So I personally believe that it is not vital to memgers everything into writing that Brother Eli Soriano preaches. More anng, let it be written in the hearts. And another thing, that according to one Filipino pastor and author, Ant is in the process of constructing his doctrine. How would you indicate so if his way of teaching daitng purely Bible-based?

NOT OF HIS DOCTRINES BUT OF GOD. Because even though Brother Eli is not physically present in our different locales, We NEVER feel the scarcity of the wisdom he always provides us every Church gatherings. We understood his physical absence here in the Philippines for he strives to preach the Word of God worldwide. If you encourage Sara to search the Scriptures thoroughly, How I hope you too.

Religion is mentioned in the bible. Bro eli preaches only what is written in the bible, nothing more, nothing less. There is no real need to put the doctrine in writing because aside from the fact that there are videos made to membfrs consistency, the doctrine taught by brother eli is biblical. You want written proof? Read it thoroughly, not just the verses that seem favorable to you. You may seem smart enough to know about certain proper methods of bible interpretations, but if you are not guided by God Himself, you would not be able to understand the words of God, no matter how effective you are at following the methods you mentioned.

People keep saying negative things about brother eli, but have they really looked at the results of his preaching? Addicts, drunkards, and gamblers are turning away from their vices and serving God through good works and righteous lifestyles. Members are more patient, loving, caring, and down to earth even when enemies insult or hurt them. I mean, just basing on what the female members wear, it is evident that every word in the bible is being followed and applied to their daily lives, even when no one is watching.

Where are these concerned pastors and leaders??? Their only real concern is losing members to brother eli soriano. It is only brother eli who ang dating daan celebrity members addressing the growing spiritual hunger of, not only the Filipinos, but of those overseas as well, even if it meant spending all his personal money and gaining more enemies in the process. Instead of reading about what some pastor or author said about brother eli and his preaching, focus on the bible.

Is what he saying making sense? Why are more and more people rating to his biblical preaching? I searched what is Exegesis and Biblical Hermeneutics and it turns out that they are interchangeable. Also, Exegesis is the critical explanation of a text, particularly a religious text. Other analysis includes classification of the type of literary genres present in the text, and an analysis of grammatical and syntactical features in the text itself.

Eli Soriano speak, he also considers history and culture of the celebeity and original audience for whom the teachings are being spoken to. Just try to listen like me. I am just watching anime movies then as I turn channels to get past the commercials, I saw ang dating daan celebrity members teaching and I was fascinated by his answers.

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