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August 19, By Bradley Spinelli. By Mikey had expanded and moved around the corner to North 6th Street—a block from Galapagos which later ran away from rising rents and found their way to Dumbo somewhat absurdly, then Detroit and close to Plan-eat Thai—and he briefly opened another store in Dumbo. Are we going to lose our beloved Hookup now, too? Tripled in volume of the people dropping off repairs. Just in the past 2 weeks. Mikey even took mikeys hookup nyc couple of meetings with David Lerner, owner and founder of Tekserve, to talk about their closing.

As Mikey put it: They just sell Apple products, and mioeys the mikeys hookup nyc handful of extra accessories. It might be the first good gentrification story to come mikeys hookup nyc of Williamsburg. Hopefully we can pick up where they left off. For years I was kinda growing my business because I was afraid of what was to come, and when the big box corporate store finally moved in it actually helped out in the end.

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