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War Thunder dev diary explains battle rank and more

Flair your post appropriately. Unflaired posts don't get an upvote button and incorrectly flaired posts may be removed. If your submission has an unclear title you should ranm a top-level comment explaining the content. For any suggestions or questions related to the subreddit, PM the mods. Tiers and Ranks and So I'm in a group with friends, if I pick a T to take along, it puts us in rank 2. So, since we're pretty new, I skip the T and take something else wa keep us at rank 1.

Once in game, I get wrecked by Tier 2 tanks of all kinds. My assumption is that there is some fundamental misunderstanding on my part. I had looked at a wiki which seemed to suggest dank my average battle ranking would determine the sort of opponents I'd be matched up with. EDIT - thank you everyone for your replies! I don't understand why they made the matchmaking system that way, but I at least understand how it works, lol.

It's mainly about your battle rating BR. The highest one of your selected tanks count. If you use a 3. Although this isn't as important, since BR will war thunder matchmaking rank care of that most of the time. Tiger E at 6. Quick explenation I feel like WT is doing something fundamentaly wrong here, there are way to many new pilots and tonkers who have no clue how the BR system works and are very frustrated because of this, there should be a tutorial or something on this:.

Tiers are not a overly important factor regarding which enemies you will see. You can only meet enemies that war thunder matchmaking rank either 1 tier below thuder or 1 tier up. When you are tier 3 you can meet 2,3 and 4 war thunder matchmaking rank not 1 and 5. Apart from that they mostly influence the research effectivness. Magchmaking your t2 tank you can only research tier 2 and 3 effectivly. If you research a tier 4 tank or plane with a tier war thunder matchmaking rank there will be a harsh penalty.

What really determines which enemies you matvhmaking is the rankk of you tank or plane BR. It is displayed in the reserach screen and varies from AB, RB and SB, because of this you can switch between ARB, RB and SB view in the research screen. Lets say you have a T34 with a BR matcbmaking 3. The BR spread is 1. In Air-only games only Arcade Air because in RB and SB air you only have a single plane you have a average BR which is calculated based on all planes in your lineup with some obscure formula that I can't remember and don't really care matxhmaking because War thunder matchmaking rank stopped playing arcade a long time ago.

So there you can have for example a 4. With tanks it is easier. Your highest tank determines your battlerating, there is no averaging. So if you have one 5. What is important when playing in a squad with friends: The higest BR of any of the squadmates tanks mahchmaking planes determines the entire BR. So if you have a friend in a Tier 5, 8. With planes in RB you see that quite often.

One squadmate war thunder matchmaking rank a jet either to troll his squadmates or to troll the other playerswhile the rest of the squad have bi-planes or really early tier 1 planes. Than you see bi-planes fighting jets, which is a quite comical sight. And a little tip: Flair your post so we know what gamemode you are taling about, I assume Arcade Ground Forces.

I thynder really suggest you try out Realistic Ground Forces, it is wayyyyyyy more fun. Alright, thank you, matchmakiny I'm seeing in game makes sense now, I'll pass it along war thunder matchmaking rank my friends as well. Yes, we were in ground arcade, I'll try out realistic mode next time we play. I never really played Arade GF, but I can guess it can be hard to switch to RB GF at first even though I war thunder matchmaking rank it's probably a lot easier than the war thunder matchmaking rank from Lupita nyongo dating jared leto Air to RB Air.

There are no markers, which is by far the best thing about RB. You can flank and you can hide. Because there is no magic crosshair you need to learn thnuder you should shoot the enemy. Because you have to aim war thunder matchmaking rank adjust for bullet drop yourself it is harder at first to katchmaking, but all the others have the same problem. So if you flank somebody and shoot at them there is a high chance that their first war thunder matchmaking rank will miss if they finally spot you. That is unless they are driving something liek the awesome Panther D which has a railgun instead of a regular cannon: My best advice for RB is to stay patiant and flank as much as you can.

When you are uptiered in AB it can be quite hard to kill better tanks I think, in RB I have no real problems with it because I can jsut flank and shoot them in the side. The main thing you should know is, BR. Usually ends with you getting maximum uptiered. There is like maybe, I'm guessing as I'm too lazy to look. Very rarely would thuneer be tiered down. And be mostly thrown into 3. It's a hard cap more or less. As said before, Tiger 1 E will never see a Tier 5 tank EVEN if that tier 5 tank was 6.

Same with all other tiers. Of course, there is a lot matchmakung room for Gaijin to mess up something. A few days ago mattchmaking had every tier fighting random tiers in AB. Plus who knows if the MM even works to what we describe. This wae sometimes you'll end up having one of weaker vehicles and sometimes one of the best. That been said if you are in game modes that have multiple vehicle rnk and respawns AB, RB tanks ect it can average matchmakjng top 3 BR vehicles and may cause you to see someone an additional 0.

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