Dating in Singapore – or how to fail where others have succeeded

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We no longer check to see whether Telegraph. To see our content at its online dating expats singapore we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Let me preface this with a few important considerations. Firstly, I am no George Clooney. Not unless I decide to cross without the guidance of the green man, a crime against humanity here in Singapore.

Secondly, I am inexperienced. My past is littered with examples of unrequited love, pointless pining and disastrous misjudgments. Online dating expats singapore am more Clouseau than Casanova. Though finding a woman here has been far easier than in the UK, keeping or understanding them has been a whole new ball game. Under orders from a family that feared my disappearance into oblivion and with a driven sense of mission and newly discovered optimism, I signed up on a dating website on arrival here in I quickly discovered the most pleasing and liberating aspect of dating in this part of the world: And so it began.

Ah, the Holy Grail — I made her laugh. She seemed attractive enough, although her photo did suggest that she had a lampshade attached to her cheek. However, she looked human and smiled nicely, so my rigorous selection procedure ushered her through and we met up and had dinner. I was charming, even if I do say so myself and the setting was great — Rochester Park. They even have mosquito spray on hand to ensure that you are not eaten before online dating expats singapore eat.

And so it continued. I would entertain, pay and generally be the archetypal online dating expats singapore, and I loved every minute of it. No hints or clues. But she did still want to go on dates, though. And so I came to realise a couple of things about people in Online dating expats singapore. They often stop dead right in the middle of something and change direction, rather inconvenient when you are behind or alongside them. They also appear to have different ideas about what "dating" means.

She had been wandering, doing a little light shopping, not really been thinking much at all. We were, it seemed, friends. It all turned out nicely for her though, as she met someone in Bali soon after and decided she wanted to marry him after three days. I was even more cheerful when I discovered that he was a year-old German who bore a rather striking resemblance to me with wrinkles.

They are now married and living in Basel. Was there a lesson in all of this? If so, Freud may find it before I do. My next date or whatever you want to call it was a disaster. I took her to a hotel restaurant — The Swissotel by Clarke Quay has a quaint online dating expats singapore place that makes its own brand of crisps as well as rather nice food.

She stared at me in horror as the word "hotel" headed through her ears. You see, people may be very trusting here but there is an underlying assumption held by some that most Westerners are just here for the sex. Being rather naive and inhibited, I felt a little downcast that she would think that of me and more than a little frightened at the prospect of it with her. My next two dead-ends became my friends, which is nice. It appears that he loves to read my newspaper proved far more interesting than my conversationhe enjoys being affectionate in public I managed to pick up a online dating expats singapore tips on kissing mid-way through sentences from his helpful demonstrations and he likes to sample local beverages any spillages were helpfully mopped up by my handy newspaper.

The other is Japanese. On our first date she intrigued me by waiting on the wrong side of the river to meet and then making a strange, "mooing" sound to indicate surprise at even the tiniest of things. We dated for a while but decided that friendship was best. The girl from Shanghai with a voice like Tweetie Pie — four foot something and convinced the world was full of stalkers. The Westerner, tall and pretty — a great French meal and a few failed attempts to follow up.

She moved to the UK to study. The great Singaporean hope — I took her to the toy museum and she loved it. My Filipino date seemed to be entranced by me a rather new experience and we enjoyed the Theatre — Romeo and Juliet at Raffles — and art exhibitions, nice dinners and the cinema. She was someone unsure of what to do and uninterested in the consequences online dating expats singapore her actions — she happily toyed with me as her marriage crumbled and now dawdles through life, occasionally contacting me to remind me to be miserable.

On my birthday last year, I decided that the girl I liked from work had to be told, so we began what seemed a very successful partnership with some coffee and cake. She was, admittedly, out of my league but she seemed to like something about me. As you may have guessed, I am a little more cautious and I email only after a strict vetting process. It would be a lot easier if I were rich or spoke the language of big business whilst waving my BlackBerry. I considered becoming shallow as a tactic but realised that my integrity is worth a few more dinners for one.

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