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This is to showcase what I am working on. Most of the pics are stuff I created as an update to Date Ariane. I also plan to post stuff from other projects I am working on. Stuff from Something's In The Airas well as early drafts of a Rachel project. All projects can be found at http: Start with walkthrough 1 or 2then:.

Go for a drive Get in the drivers seat Go downtown Lingerie Store Note what Ariane is asking for, she will ask for three of four qualities. The possibilities are inexpensive, comfortable, fashionable, and sexy. Each bra represents two of those qualities: Buy the next round of drinks Let them continue to dance. The quickest path leading to Ariane is: Instead of swimming, you could also go this route: Marco Polo is the default choice once you meet Rebecca.

It does require that you have not ariane dating simulator 10th anniversary walkthrough swimming yet, and you have not been to the night club yet. What happens if you have already swam or clubbed will be covered in parts 2 and 3. Posted October 25, at 2: Powered by Tumblr Natural Elegance theme by Dan Hauk. Home Archive RSS ArianeB This is to showcase what I am working on. Permalink Date Ariane Walkthrough The Rebecca Trilogy 1 - Marco Polo Start with ariane dating simulator 10th anniversary walkthrough 1 or 2then: Previous Post Next Post.

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