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He got his just deserts. Kimathi, who appointed himself prime minister of Kenya, awarded himself a knighthood and dubbed himself "Knight Commander of the African Empire and Lord of the Southern Hemisphere" forced tens of thousands of Kikuyu into the movement. The young son of a chief who refused to join was cut in two by Kimathi's men, who drank his blood before flinging the two halves of the body at the boy's mother who was then killed.

Hundreds of others who defied Kimathi were hacked to death. President Mwai Kibaki's government, which swept to power in December, also promised yesterday to honour the "heroes" who spearheaded the Mau Wazungu dating site, prompting outrage among white Kenyan survivors of the rebellion. Wazungu dating site Mr Kimathi became a martyr for many black Kenyans, who eulogised him for daring raids on settler homes from his forest hideout and for avoiding capture with of his most fanatical followers during wazungu dating site month manhunt by British forces.

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