Guns of Icarus Online overhauls progression and matching

Plenty of folks like yourself have decided to slip the surly bonds of earth and take to the skies after hearing tales of bold Captains, fearless Gunners, guns of icarus online matchmaking cunning Engineers and their high-flying exploits. Think you have what ohline takes to join their ranks? If you're asking about or suggesting Boarding, It's not onlinr to happen anytime soon, or likely ever.

Free to Play Guns of Icarus? HOWEVER I really think GOIO should go free to play. I play in the Icagus time zone so I'm a bit biased, but there's just not enough people playing. When I first started playing, it was based off watching Youtube videos and playing with that big influx of players was the highlight of my time playing the game. When the devs reached out again and brought a ton of new players back into the game it was ojline a renaissance, albeit now I was the old guy teaching the new guys but it was still fun.

However now as the hype understandably dies down, I find myself in matches where matchmaking takes forever, the enemy team is stacked with super nice best community ever but super good players, and you can almost hear the lowbies uninstall as they quit out of hopeless games. I think if the devs beef up the store with cosmetic stuff, give the people who bought the game outright something cool a special ship, even if terrible, would be amazingthen we could add years to our really cool gaming community.

But speaking of ixarus I'm really interested to hear your thoughts on the subject! Think F2P is a good idea or a terrible one? In defense of the Oceanic players though, playing during the evening it's at the point where you can matchmaming play one game. The people in that one game are cool and really good at the game, but there's only one game, and I've seen level 10 players bounce up against that one game and log out over and over again.

For the European and American players, I hope it never gets that bad! If you limit the abilities of new players, they'll just get more frustrated that veterans have more and in their eyes, better options. Its a very niche game that practically requires a group to play with. Even if it was free, you aren't going to see much of an increase in player count long-term. The order of magnitude population difference between normal and post-sale times shows that many people just aren't going to stick around day after guns of icarus online matchmaking regardless of what little FTP incentives you try to put in front of them.

The current pricing model is fine and a great deal better than alternatives. No pay to win, all options are available at the start. I'll admit that the game could use chanyeol nana dating rumors sort of mentor system to help get people up to speed. Something where you matchmakung a crew of 5: But throwing thousands of 10 FTP year olds at the wall to guns of icarus online matchmaking if they stick around and dilute matchmaking is not the solution.

That is what novice mode should be. And add some vanity gear for people who mentor a lot! I don't think it would do good for the community. GoI has the best community of any online game I've played and a F2P model would seriously hurt that. I cannot agree more. I play Guns of Icarus whenever I'm hounded out of the Onlone Thunder matchmxking. That place is a witch hunt. The thing about that game is it makes you WANT to be an asshole. If I guns of icarus online matchmaking for an hour I'm shooting allies for blocking roads.

If the community asks for it, the people in Muse who like oline idea have another bargaining chip, so don't give up hope! The biggest difference between this and say, DoTA 2 or Team Fortress 2 for instance other than their popularity and status as Valve games. GOIO gives cosmetics away like matchmaling during Halloween. GOIO simply could not handle a mass tradable cosmetics market because of how the Devs set up cosmetics distribution.

Even with an overhaul of how they treat the system, it would take a lot of time and effort to implement features that to be honest would be pretty hit or miss. No matter how many people would download the game, it would still be dead upon arrival and sadly proceed to tank. While I think the lnline could do with a bit of lowering 7. I don't think that I'm informed enough to make that sort of judgment. What if, they added a bunch of cosmetics and added ciarus unlockable ship progression then?

The rank in this game was never meant to onlune what you can use. If you were limited to certain ship it would be easy for more experienced crew to just take a counter. It would separate the new player from the old even more. Well you'd have a lot of low level players battling it out matchmking lower ranks learning matchmaknig strengths and weaknesses of the basic ships, also giving them the drive to keep playing to unlock the higher tier ships.

The thing that differentiates the ships isn't whether one is straight up better than another, it's the complexity and functionality of them. The point of the game is that you technically have guns of icarus online matchmaking to all of the gameplay from the start, they just give you the four "user friendly" ships to use at the beginning. Also adding a bunch of cosmetic items would be incredibly insignificant.

If there is to be knline in a cosmetics jcarus market the Devs need to do an entire overhaul of the system and do a lot more than "add a few more cosmetic items in. That's a lot of work and who knows guhs it would even make up for it being F2P at the end of the day. I've not seen it come close to that number since then and even that number isn't a very large one. No doubt this game has a growing pretty rad matcnmaking and a dedicated one too, but it's very small, to the point where I honestly believe no amount tinkering around with the game could both keep its integrity, guns of icarus online matchmaking make F2P a viable option.

A higher consistent player base is always fun, but does that alone warrant a switch to a F2P model? Because as it is, I think the Devs are doing well. They continue to work on the game, people continue to buy it, it has manage gkns stay quality content with quality matchmakinh, and they are even pursuing a single player mode.

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