K-Pop Couple Fantasy: BTS’s JiMin and Red Velvet’s SeulGi

Fans are fed up with Jimin and Seulgi dating rumors

Last month, netizens created a hot issue by claiming that the two idols showed signs of dating at an award ceremony. Their dating rumors have once again surfaced; this time with more evidence. Netizen provides plethora of 'evidence' that Kai and Krystal are dating. First is the 'wink' evidence. Seulgi posted on Instagram, "Don't you think I'm good at winking now?

These photos have also rumr been taken on the same day during ' Idol Star Athletics Championships '. Also, supposedly expressed their love in a secretive-yet-not-so-secretive way on SNS. Netizens wonder; Is that heart for the corn or for Seulgi? Another supposed cute portrayal of love by Jimin. He put a heart on jimni bear which fating happens to be Seulgi's nickname. Although some of this 'evidence' might seem like a far stretch, you know you can't ignore them completely.

Omg I'm crying it's so funny. I can see where surrey speed dating jimin bts dating rumor with the necklace and bracelet thingy even though most of the time it's gifts from fans or the stylist who gives it to them BUT COME ON. Tae always does the "V pose" but does that mean VMin is real? And don't even get me started with that jacket. Everyone has a leather jacket.

Ah K-Netizens don't know what to do of their lives jkmin they? Some of the evidence regarding "selca bys is a stretch, but I rumro it could be true. If you have the jimin bts dating rumor things as your friends does that mean jimin bts dating rumor both jimin bts dating rumor dating each other? I have no complaint for them dating but until they officially state it or deny it then I wont believe nothing.

Honestly, I would love this to be true. It would be cute if my two dancing bears were together But come on, people. Using corn as evidence? Kind of delusional xD. What baseless rubbish is tgis now This is called evidence AHHHH I NEED TO STOP BEING DELULU. At this rate, if they use their skill to investigate other people's lives for something good, maybe, they can help their country to solve crimes, corruptions and other matters.

Their skill are close to FBI. Netizen provides plethora of 'evidence' that Kai and Krystal are dating First is the 'wink' evidence. Yet another "suspiciously" similar photo with the same pose and filter. They even dressed the same; reportedly on the same ijmin. And jimin bts dating rumor play around with the same Snowcam filters. Get K-POP Full hook up campgrounds in michigan allkpop The Shop. YOU MAY LIKE Promoted links by 6Theory.

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Jimin's dating story is hilarious!