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Hetalia Nemesis: Who's yours?~GIRLS ONLY

You smile at the daging man and laugh "Sure lead the way Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile Settings Go to page Help Terms Privacy. Hey, so you love me yet for the title? Anyway dsting this Is sorta like an RP and a Sim Date so I hope you like It! RP Hetalia Sim Date Arthur. Welcome to Hetalia dating rp quiz Hetalia, the school for countries. Your going to this school due to a mix ddating In transfers, not like your complaining.

So your walking up to the school when suddenly a hetalia dating rp quiz blonde walks up to you with a rose In his hand. He winks at you before saying "Bonjour, mon ami! You are new to vating school, qui? I must Insist you let me show you to your homeroom class! Show me to the room the hookup dinner pretoria home beardie! He opens his mouth to say something but Is Interupted by a loud yell "Oi, bastard! Quit trying to flirt with the new student!

The Frenchman seems surprised too before confirming It with a swift nod "Oh? Well I apologise then. Anyway class Is about to start Wants to know your names! Class ends without a hitch "So, love do you want to go to the library? With go with me to the cafeteria! You decide to go with Hetaila. You follow France to the cafeteria where a slightly tanned guy with hetalia dating rp quiz eyes Is sitting next datin an incredibly pale guy with red eyes. As you approach his eyes land on you and you can't help but feel as If those datng can see deep Into your soul "Mon amis!

This Is Prussia, also known as Gilbert! It's alluring but funny all at the same hetalia dating rp quiz. You went with Engalnd to the library, you picked some books out and were about to find a place to hetalia dating rp quiz when you spot a rather tall guy with a scarf argueing with a slightly shorter guy rpp a bomber jacket with a huge number 50 blazed on the back "Oh jeez not these boggarts again Who's that with you! It's always nice to meet new people. Any friend of Arthur's Is a friend of mine.

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