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Danielle Cuccio, is CEO of yoga brand Cuccio Somatology, Celebrity Yoga Instructor, and Health Blogger. Danielle brings blender internet dating beauty, wellness and happiness in one place, The Beauty Blender. Shop Our Store Here. I am in the midst of planning my wedding!!! I blendre about getting married my entire life. When I was about 23, I had just got out of a very serious, long term relationship.

I was cating in L. SO that night I joined an online dating site. THIS WAS A BIG DEAL FOR ME. Well I was 23 and guess I was ready to mingle. I was getting frustrated of waiting and wanted to take it into my own hands! Putting yourself out there so much, so vulnerable, it felt like a bunch of job interviews! I favorited Tyler on my first datung of using Match. But turns out he was talking to another girl from the site and felt like we would be doing something wrong if he saw us both.

Give him a chance. We drank a bottle of wine and it was the longest first date I had ever had. Tyler was different than the others. He made sure to make me never bldnder our relationship from Day 1. He always would be in touch and wanted to keep seeing me. He made it obvious that he liked me without seeming blender internet dating or needy. Unfortunately, there are apps now that seem to make dating less serious or more of just for a good timebut I still say GO FOR IT.

You just have to let go of the fear or any judgment! Our world today is a bit different, especially in L. I recently heard about a new app, SingleFit. SingleFit a great app that allows fitness enthused people to meet in a natural setting. Basically you put your fitness interests for example: You can also put your diet needs in there: The app then gives you classes in your area that you can choose to go blender internet dating with the amount of potential match possibilities that will also be attending.

Win a day of ziplining and hiking for 2 on Catalina Island! The contest will run for 4 weeks, and one randomly selected winner will receive a day of ziplining and hiking for 2 on Catalina Island. Happy dating for those of you single ones. I completely encourage you to give online dating a chance and if you have already to stay with it and stay positive! You never know when you will meet someone who could change your life!

Knternet Beauty Blender Danielle Cuccio. Navigation HOME ABOUT WORKOUTS RECIPES MEDIA KIT CONTACT SUBSCRIBE SHOP. We recommend moving this block blendder the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Happy Wednesday you guys! So, my feelings about online dating…? Seriously, guys… Basically you put your fitness interests for example: Save time from driving to get coffee with someone by simply scheduling an instant Live Video Date with your match.

This would have saved me! Connect your iPhone or Fitbit to SingleFit for better Matchmaking. Blender internet dating what class dating scams us military most popular with other singles. Also SingleFit is hosting a great Giveaway! Campaign Contest Win a day of ziplining and hiking for 2 on Catalina Island! Navigation Home ABOUT WORKOUTS RECIPES MEDIA Blender internet dating CONTACT SUBSCRIBE SHOP.