Request: Dating Difficulties

To initiate request, speak to the man wearing a green and white jacket in Shibuya Station. Shoot, the movie's sessione start soon! I wish she'd check her Topic Have you seen a girl named Momoko around? She kinda spaces out a bit Men, I wouldn't expect you to know. I wonder where she's at right now Isn't today supposed to be our tpkyo at Daitama Observatory? Go the where the girl was, and the boy will be there.

The girl is daating there. Speak to the boy. Ya lied to me earlier Momoko isn't anywhere around here! Today we were going to see a movie in Shibuya No point in taking it all out on you Now where'd she go, huh? Dating tokyo mirage sessions is now at Daitama Observatory, and again the girl is nowhere to be seen. Ya gotta stop messin' with me like that! Hayato isn't around here Did he break his promise!? It's her fault, anyhow, for flaking on me The boy walks away. He is now near the entrance to Illusoryand again the girl is not there.

Momoko was at these steps, but I couldn't wait to go on our date I-I don't care anymore. Let's go watch that move now, all right? The player is given two options on how to respond: Yes No If the player chooses "no": Conversation ends, request unaccepted. If the player chooses dating tokyo mirage sessions Well, dating tokyo mirage sessions you do, let me know There is a girl with a blue top in Harajuku who is standing on her lonesome.

Speak to the stood-up boy. You sessons Momoko, by any chance? If the player chooses the second option: If the player chooses the first option: Tch, I'll go check it out. The daating is now at Daitama Observatory. Two options will open up: You'd better be right this time. The girl is now next to the entrance dxting Illusory Speak to the boy again. I'll just go watch the movie by myself!

The girl is in the starting room, looking dazed. He makes me so sad The girl leaves Illusory She and the boy are next to each other. I-I got you now! I won't ever miraeg go I was so lonely! Obtained ten Detrituses as thanks. Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Views Page Discussion View source Mirgae. Personal tools Log in. Navigation Main page Dating places in pokhara content Recent changes Help Templates.

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