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Join Now Login Search Community. Forums Recent Posts Our Blog Contact Us. I remember having to work didnt mind it I like those shifts better when they had me in the communications 3rd shift dating website dipatching. I've worked a lot of thirds in my days, at different jobs. One thing is for certain: Let's see, I worked at a convenience store, 10 to 6, and I drove the night, different jobs.

I would take a 3rd shift job again if I found one I wanted. I work til 2am now, not exactly the same, but I get home and like to sit and 3rd shift dating website on the computer before I sleep. I have been on 3rd for 5years less a 6 mouth break yes it sucks I work 6 and 7 day it has no advantages when you work 7 days.

I work third shift. Work all night when many are sleeping and then go to sleep while many are working. When the automatic senser lights go out then its time to go home. Free Dating Site - Mingle 2 Blog - Privacy Policy - Terms of Use Contact Us Mingle2 iPhone App Mingle2 Android App.

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