How to date recent Dunhill tins

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Our Wiki Our community's own datiing resource. Our Review Information Information on our pipe and tobacco reviews! Redditor Discount Codes Discount codes specifically for us! Local tobacconist map Tag your local tobacconist here. Please add as much information as you can. Dating Dunhill Tins self. I have around 30 or so assorted unopened Dunhill tins from around Is there anyway to date them specifically and are their any blends that are not longer made from that time period?

I'm think of getting back into pipe smoking and don't want to open something that might be worthwhile. I'd say tobacco is meant to be smoked. Pick your favorite and dive right back in. Datihg used to have a humidor of hard to find cigars, mostly unicos dating dunhill tins ligas, 20 or so in total. I was always saving them for some far off special occasion. At some point during the winter years ago, the seal started to go on that humidor. Since it was the special one, I never checked it or opened it as much as my other one.

This led to a whole humidor of dried out, really expensive dog turds. I tried to rehydrate and ended up with turds dating dunhill tins torn wrappers and lousy draws. This loss taught me that fine tobacco is its own occasion. Tins are obviously far more stable than cigars, but the same mentality should follow, in a dating dunhill tins. Don't go to your grave with an awesome cellar of aged rare tobacco. Take time to sit and appreciate it, make an occasion of the smoke itself rather than typing emails or watching tv.

I'm hoping someone here has good info about Dunhill tins, as it's way outside my area of expertise. I just wanted to lend some encouragement to enjoying what you have. If you decide you;re out of the game completely, ANY decade old Dunhill tins will fetch a good price on ebay. Tinz just want to make sure I'm not casually dating dunhill tins through something that I should make note to enjoy.

Around that time period I remember there was talk that a lot of blend were being discontinued specifically Nightcap so I bought like 5 or 6 tins to save. I ended up falling out of pipe smoking and then just let them sit. I think the blender runhill or something. Someone more privy to Dunhill stuff will likely know better. Anything with age on dating dunhill tins like that is likely to be special, but heavier Lat blends might be passing their peak after much dunhil.

After a decade or so, Lat starts to loose some of its strength. That isn't to say they can't be aged. I have some 15 year old Robust that's awesome, but the Lat has definitely toned down quite a bit. This is around the time production switched from Murray to Dating dunhill tins. Very basically the point to look for is Murrray used painted tins dwting a few exceptions like 3 Year Aged, Aperitif and Durbar. LoL The vintage market is small and easily saturated. There is no guarantee for profit.

There was a time '05 to what '09?? Did you ever find out how to date your tins? Wondering if you ever figured it out. Flatticus On June 1, Great info! I can dating dunhill tins take it back a bit further, thanks to some info received from the Scandinavian Tobacco Group's Consumer Response Rep. They were able to confirm tinns for a tin code in the same location which wasthe tin date dating dunhill tins March 24, So I noted it as YY at the start and DD at the end.

I didn't have a handy tin to tell me if the MM was the second and third, or else fourth and fifth numbers. I'd go back for more but it was more than 2x the online price Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Dtaing Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Resources Our Wiki Our community's own curated resource.

Found a few of my grandfather's old pipes. Inspired me to start smoking again. I forgot how much I enjoy it. A cool shot of my Savinelli Unfinished at the golf course. Golf tees make for great tampers! And we thought there were no more reasons to hate the sock people In the the town square of Poschiavo, Switzerland, enjoying a leisurely post dinner bowl of OGS dating dunhill tins a glass of local wine. Heaven, I tell you. I heard you guys like hand written notes, my first try on a deal with Rusty.

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