Pokémon - Dating a Team Magma Grunt (Doujinshi)

Dating A Team Magma Grunt! Ch. 7

Pokemon of the Week: Weekly Questions Thread 12 June Weekly Challenge 9 Word chain teams! Our Karp Contest results have been announced! Wiki Index FAQ Pokekon Guide. Subreddit History Sticky Schedule. Ball Backgrounds IRC Chat Discord. Dating a Team Magma Grunt: Available to read here! If you haven't read the rest of the series, please check here! As always, the artist and main source is Gooberman: He's currently also drawing an adaptation of a web novel by a certain Mr. Barnacle in regards to some creepy happenings surrounding Parasect and I plan on translating that as well in the future.

Please look forward to it! NeToraRe, or NTR, is basically when a guy steals a girl from another. Can you mark your shit NSFW, dude, not to be a dick, but for real. I click stuff I see in messages. And I definitely didn't go win all the master ribbons, just to hear what Lisia had to say to me after she got interrupted magmq I wasn't totally disappointed afterwards. Nothing of the sort happend. And so the mystery of their ages becomes a little clearer. Also I feel either the Aqua Grunt will win and ask for a kiss from Brendan to wined up Magma, or say that's what she'll wish for and Magma gets motivated to win.

Uhm, he seems anything but oblivious? He pokemon dating a team magma grunt chapter 7 realized that his gf was jealous he watched the grhnt shower with someone else and despite knowing how silly of a situation it is he still takes her out on datint damn amazing date. Also they are officially a tram so anything but dating like badoo I'd say. He's thirteen, she's like what, seventeen? Idk, he mentioned its like a senior dating a freshman, so i just went with the lower age of a senior.

She could be sixteen, but even then thats fucking weird, someone who is old enough to operate a multi-ton death machine dating an 8th datnig child. I mean, they're both kids and it's apparent nothing sexual's going on so It's not like a criminal destruction of innocence. A freshman in highschool is 14 going on It's pokemon dating a team magma grunt chapter 7 a Senior dating someone in middle school, its fucked up.

Are you really trying to chapteg this? Someone who is 17 going on 18, almost a full fledged adult, able to get married, join the military, etc, "dating" a child in 8th grade? It can be considered squick due to maturity differences, but I see nothing wrong with it if it's just mahma, no sex. If it was a pre-teen and a seventeen year old I would raise flags, but both teenagers? I was looking for grunnt 7 last night.

Now that I read it I'm addicted to this little series! Etam up the good work. I haven't read manga in about 10 years and this series has hooked me. Some of you guys really hate Lisia. Was I the only one to like her? She is pretty nice. But it would of been cool to see her more outside of contests and contest halls. I do really like the out-of-contest style of clothing that pokemon dating a team magma grunt chapter 7 gave her in this comic, its very nice. I might like it maybe even more than the contest style: As well as the fact that she has a side outside contest as well.

I shouldn't enjoy this as much as I do at my age but Thanks for all the hard work and creativity! Another fun read, and I pikemon forward to more! You guys are retarded. Here's magm 8th fucken chapter you oblivious mafma Shotacon culture is pretty common in Japan though, you shouldn't think too much of it. Combined with how the characters are really not into having sex yet, and it's more unusual than anything.

Weirds me out that you guys are trying to justify it. Even the Aqua grunt in the comic looks at her weird and calls her a deviant, it's pretty obviously not supposed to be a wholesome thing. If you like the comic, fine, but it's still pretty creepy. Also, pretty sure age of consent in Japan hrunt really Prefectures usually raise it to a higher age. I doubt that she's anywhere older than her mid to late teens. While it does technically violate the "half your age plus seven" rule, it's not an extreme age gap.

It's a tean creepy, I suppose, but all invested parties are okay with it and it's certainly a different culture. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you chapterr read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Post a link please read rules! Weekly Questions Thread 12 June Weekly Challenge 9 Word chain teams!

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You won't be able to vote or comment. I find it weird hentai has terminology. Your flair fits this Ditto situation as chqpter Brendan continues to be oblivious to all forms of drama during the contest. Thanks Gav for the translations, really appreciate the effort.

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