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Skip to Tear-Down Tips. Difficulty with the set-up? Skip to High Wall Series fridge. Folding down a camping trailer is relatively straight-forward. Just follow the set-up instructions in reverse. There are a few things that will be different hook up flagstaff tear-down, though, so here's some tips:. What's New New Sales Used Sales Rentals Options Parts Service Contact Us Specials FAQ Glossary Gallery Archives About Us Site Map.

Check out the T-Series! Hook up flagstaff Campers In Stock Used Campers on Sale All Models on One Hook up flagstaff Rental Availability Trailer Show Information Sales Fees. Camper Set-Up How To Set Up a Flagstaff Camping Trailer Skip to Appliances Skip to Tear-Down Tips. Hitch - Unhook the camper Chock both tires to keep the camper hook up flagstaff place. Unlock the hitch coupler from the ball. Unhook safety chains and unplug wiring.

Reattach dolly wheel to the dolly jack. Crank dolly jack down to remove hook up flagstaff from the ball. Pull tow vehicle away from the camper so the beds will have room to slide out. Jacks - Stabilize the camper Use the dolly jack to level the camper. Crank-down the corner stabilizing jacks until they hit the ground. Give one extra turn to make the jacks snug against the ground. Do not lift the tires off the ground with the stabilizing jacks. Hook-ups - Hook up power and water Plug in camper to a V outlet, if available.

Hook up water hose to spigot if pressure water is available. Unplug sink water drain cap. Roof - Crank up the roof Unlatch four corner latches. Place the lifter-arm supports in place if applicable. Pull bed out from the camper box the slide hits a stop when the bed is out all the way. Pull slide-out dinette from the camper box if applicable. Canvas - velcro everywhere! Place side canvas flap around bed corner and attach velcro under the bunk where appropriate.

Place second flap of canvas over the first flap to seal corner. Attach velcro at the corner and up the side where the lifter-arms are. Galley - Lift galley into place Inside the camper, pull galley into upright position. Locate water pump switch typically near the power converter and turn the water pump on if the campsite does not have pressure water. Bed Bows - Set up the bunk ends A. From under the bed, take the rafter pole and place the long end into the bed bow bracket.

Push bed bow into place and hook the short end of the rafter pole hook up flagstaff the roof hook. Repeat this process for the slide-out dinette canvas and the bay-window canvas if applicable. Dinette - Set up the table The dinette table can serve as a bunk or a dinette table. On some models the table legs are free-standing; other models use pedestal legs. Stove - LTD Series only On the LTD models, the stove is movable and may be placed inside or out.

Lift stove and pull back away from the rail that holds the stove in place on the floor. Place stove on the counter-top to use inside or on the rail outside. Pull quick-connect coupler ring backward to allow the stove-end hose to be inserted. Slide ring up towards stove-end hose and then turn the safety in line to permit the flow of gas. Stove must be re-lit for each use.

Door - Set the door in place 2-piece door LTD series: Turn clips hook up flagstaff the upper door to the ceiling hook up flagstaff degrees and slowly let the upper door swing to its down position. Place the two black tabs into the rectangular boxes on each side of the lower door frame to complete the frame. Push the upper door flat hook up flagstaff the side of the ceiling and turn those latches 90 degrees to hold the upper door in place.

Turn latch hook up flagstaff the mid-point of the upper door to release the door from the door-frame. Latch upper and lower door together. Remove or use hold-back to retain lower door travel door. Turn clip holding bottom of the 1-piece door 90 degrees to release from the ceiling bracket. Unsnap the two straps holding the door to the ceiling. Lower door into place and turn 6 latches 2 at the top, 4 below.

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