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It's just awesome heehe. Love your blog so much Really appreciate all your simw tips!!!! Dating sims forbidden love 4 Ep 3 The Third Option Is The One That Gets You 50Points. I Forget What Exactly Is Say, Its Something Like "Turn Jake Down". This comment has been removed by the author. This is very nice. I'm a bit down because I didn't see this walkthrough beforehand. The answer ' You're an idiot, Johannes' Just gave 30 LP. Or is it just an error on my phone? I don't know so I thought I'd ask.

But thank you for posting this up! I'm really appreciate it. I assumed you've played it till the end of 2nd story, so could you tell me if mike-niichan still will get married with amelia at 1st story? Yeah i know that i'm weird coz wanna know about the ending first: D It'd broke my heart and made me in bad mood state for a whole day when he said that he would married amelia n because of that i'm afraid to continued to the next episode: So please tell me Thansk for replaying my post Really, i'm glad to hear that.

I really love this blog!! Dating sims forbidden love you for your help, i really can enjoy playing it!! D but is there johannes dating sims forbidden love D there will be next story coming out, but we still don't know when. Thank you very much: D I want to know will they get married mike and player: D and the story still continuing,: Um i knw this may sound weird bit do u knw how can I get more points through the mini game.?

My average is 20 pts. I want to score more. And dating sims forbidden love there any way to trick the system into giving u scenario ticket in spin the wheel? I will be really grateful if u can answer dating sims forbidden love datting. Though I had feels for Mike in the first story, I also felt bad about Johannes because he seemed like dating sims forbidden love reformed playboy and his constant concern for the MC was really touching.

Not sure I like Mike's hot and cold attitude or possessiveness much. I hope they do put up a story for Johannes soon, he's just so cute. XD there is Johannes story in japanese i think, but they haven't translate it yet. I agree with you, hoenstly, I see people complaining and it peeves me so much. This game is x better than many mobile otome games and people keeps demanding all this stuff, although I must say the event is indeed costly I detest that mini game lol.

Asuza-san apparently launched the route with Johannes, or at least I'm playing a route with Johannes Johannes' route is not the event story, it's the main route. D Now i'm playing johannes route too. Why not 50 LP and here some info about the event: Jealousy Collection 1st Trial: Gorgeous Chandelier Coins or LP 2nd Trial: Party Curly Hair Coins or LP Final Southlake dating Sexy Party Dress Coins or LP Deserted Island Collection 1st Dqting Excursion Hat Coins or LP 2nd Trial: Short Cut Coins or LP Final Trial: Excursion Style Coins dating sims forbidden love LP Okinawa Collection marquette hook up Trial: Lovely Float Coins or LP 2nd Trial: Curly Loose Dumpling Coins or LP Final Trial: Lovely Bathing Suit Coins or LP For the France Trip, you don't need any special avatar, so just read it till the end: D i hope it'll simss you.

XD how do you play 2 different stories in the same time Riana? I just play it at 2 different device: D Mike's story at my Dating sims forbidden love 8. Riana you beat me to the punch darn it! Forrbidden here I finished the events and didn't bother reading the Okinawa, so I can get over and done with already. I want to add answer for Chapter 3 and 4.

I should have turned Jake down more directly 50 LP Chapter 4: Finally, i can online with zims laptop: It doesn't have anything to do with you 50 LP Chapter 6: Mike is my everything 50 LP Chapter 7: Dating sims forbidden love i just reach chapter 13, so maybe i can tell you the required LP tomorrow. As i said yesterday, dating sims forbidden love info about the LP.

To get the secret story after chapter 14, you need LP. How many story line they have in Japanese version? An fprbidden, since Dating sims forbidden love finished this I already mentioned how I cheated and used money XD, so yeah: Mike will never do something like that! I bet Mike's home The 5th story is out now! Pls do make a walkthrough of it Here the answer for Mike 5th story Not me 50 LP Mike became a doting father to his son. And Johannes, he said that if Mike' child is a girl, he want her to be sins him, and off course it made Mike angry Wanna add answer for Chapter 2: It's all thanks to Mike 50 LP.

Dating sims forbidden love wasn't able to start Mike's 4th story forbidren now I am unable to start on his 5th. Is there any way for me to find and complete Mike's 4th story?? Help will be much appreciated. D i don't want to tell much. Acctually i used your suggestions how to choose the right answer. I just choose one of daying and see the reaction.

If it's kinda weird, i log out, log in again nad tried another option until find the right reaction i think: XD i also do that before choose the answer. And here the answer for next chapter, Azusa Chapter Anyone know the answer to Mikes 5th story chapter 14 scene 4? The part after he heard that Jasmine was seen with that guy? It's been a while! D I was so dating sims forbidden love happy for the MC and Mike and the little baby Dylan.

Now i'm in Mike's 5 story and gooosh i feel a little bad for the MC: Asuna-san, Mike's story ends in the story dating sims forbidden love, or will have a other story? Thanks, asuna-san, in history 5 I'm really starting to hate Mike XD. Is the 'another ending' story sums reading? Another ending might end with bad ending or MC end with another character.

Azusa-san please the continuation of the walkthrough. Lastest was September isn't it? I played this game on and off for the past few months and didn't know bout this walkthrough until I started Mike's 2nd story I enjoy seeing the happy ending and I seem to be terrible at choosing the right forbidren lol: I seem to like Robert's story the most lol out of the 3 Mike, Johnannes, and Robert and I hope they update with a 2nd story for him!

D and i hope they release another character next next year. I only have 3 more chapters to go lol I kinda don't really like Tom from bc of how they introduced him in the other stories Omigosh, there's too many things coming out! I play with too many apps other than this D he has longest chapter among all. I think I the answers I choose in the beginning messed me up:

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