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With this post, I would like to help people understand some aspects about Season 4 that are unclear to most. I hear a lot of people complaining about this season, and matchmaking rocket league how things work. To help with this, I made a spreadsheet that uses actual game data. Firstly, I definition radioactive carbon dating explain what everything in the sheet means, and how to read it.

Then, together with the sheet and quotes from Psyonix, I'll go in-depth about Season 4 and its differences compared to Season 3. I'll warn you in advance: However, I'm certain that it will matchmaking rocket league informative: The "End Tier" column represents the tier in which you ended that playlist the last season. Your starting point this season is solely based on what tier you ended Season 3 in. The "Skill Rating" column shows you what Skill Rating you start the new Season matchmaking rocket league with.

Link matchmaking rocket league the sheet: MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. When you look for a match it's this value that will be compared to other users. MMR is not the value that you see on stat tracking sites, that is the Skill Rating. Before season 4, MMR and Mu used to be different from each other. Now they share the same value. For an explanation on this, see "Matchmaking Changes" further matchmaking rocket league this post.

Sigma is your uncertainty. Normally, the uncertainty starts at 8. Since sigma is a bit more complicated than the other values, and because Season 4 had some changes regarding sigma, I'll elaborate on it under "Matchmaking Changes" as well. If you ended without a matchmaking rocket league in a playlist because of inactivity, or because you never finished your placements there's a chance that you start with a hard reset in that playlist.

That means that this sheet won't apply for that playlist. If you were caught getting boosted, you get this hard reset in every playlist. The white numbers above "Skill Rating" are the steps between the tiers. Some tiers have double steps between them, see matchmaking rocket league Skill tiers". Psyonix wrote about the changes to competitive and the new season in the following two announcements:.

Changes Coming with Competitive Season 4. The first couple quotes come from the competitive changes announcement:. The most significant change for Competitive Season 4 of has to do with how we rank players. However, as the overall skill of the matchmaking rocket league has grown, our current ranks are no longer sufficient. To better represent the evolving skill distribution of our players, and to better reward players who progress up the ladder, we will be introducing a new, wider set of skill tiers.

They took this into consideration when determining how the Season 3 "End tiers" of the players would get transferred to Season 4. At the start of Season 4, matchmaking rocket league "End Tiers" have an equal difference in Skill Rating between them as seen in the sheet. However, Prospect Elites, Challenger Elites, and Superstars have twice this difference between their adjacent tiers. This means that they created bigger gaps around these three tiers than the other tiers.

The emptiness those gaps create, will be filled by the players from tiers around those gaps. This will benefit the skill distribution. Because of their decision to create extra space around those three tiers, it's likely that Psyonix intended to distribute the new rank as in this chart. Besides this redistribution, matchmaking rocket league can also see in the sheet that each "End Tier" has a different sigma uncertainty to begin this season with.

This is probably because of the following two factors:. In some tiers, players were distributed better than in others. By giving some of the End Tiers a slightly higher uncertainty, they can recalibrate the densest matchmaking rocket league. Both the Champion and low Prospect tiers were not that populated. If they would give those players an uncertainty matchmaking rocket league is as high as the tiers in-between them, it would spread out those players even more, which would affect the matchmaking negatively.

In order to understand why they did this, let's take a look at Rocket League's rank distribution in Doubles from last October. Although things have changed slightly since then, one thing is clear: The aforementioned changes seem to be done as an attempt to correct the current distribution: The first bullet point addresses the "waviness" and the dense top, while the second point addresses the far stretches in Prospect and Grand Champion.

Based on the feedback we received regarding the Grand Champion rank during Season 3 recalibration, we have taken the following steps for Season 4: It will not be quite as difficult to obtain matchmaking rocket league the original Season 3 version, but significantly more difficult than post-calibration Season 3. This is exactly in line with what I wrote after the last quote. The only thing I hadn't mentioned was this: All the old GCs, no matter how high their rating was, now have the same starting position in season 4.

So every GC has an equal chance to "fight" for the new Grand Champion. The most significant change is in how we are calculating your Matchmaking Rating MMR. In previous seasons, MMR was a conservative estimate of matchmaking rocket league skill. Your MMR and your Skill Tier are now only based on your Skill value itself. This has a few direct benefits: Keep in mind that only the "Hidden Match Making Rating" part applied to all three seasons.

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