wiring a 3 pin 13 amp mains site plug (blue) not domestic!!

Mains Hookup

Motorhomes For Sale Motorhome Reviews Motorhome Insurance Campsite Finder Store News Motorhome Accessories. Company Registered in England no. GB You are logged in as a guest. Log in to the Forums. Register on the Forums. How to wire a round 3 pin electric hook up plug. I am trying to put together an electric hook up cable for csravan tent. Czravan bought 20 meters of hoik blue cable and wired a rubber trailing socket to one end.

I have a plug in RCD adapter in the trailing socket for safety. My problem is caravan hook up plug wiring when I opened up the round 3 pin plug which hooks up to the campsite supply there were no indicators as to which pin was live or neutral. The larger of the 3 pins is obviously earth but I am not sure where the live and neutral should go. So if you are looking at the pins from inside the plug where the wires are connected to them and the earth pin is sitting on top or in the North position, which of the pins is live and which is neutral?

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