How to Hook Up a Security Camera Without a DVR

How do I connect my security camera to my TV

What kind of adapters do i need? How do I hook it up? Any direction will be helpful. Hi Michael, This should not be too difficult. Most security cameras like you are talking about use a video connection that is called BNC. This type of connector goes back a few years. The main thing it does you can see the image is provide a way to secure the connection with just a twist. Cctv hookup problem with this type of connector is that they only thing you can really connect it do is to a DVR made for video security cameras.

The other option is to get a small adapter. It is a BNC to RCA Adapter. Cctv hookup RCA connection will then allow you to use an RCA cable to connect directly to your TV. An RCA cable is like you use to connect your DVD player to your TV. Not the new HDMI type of connection. Here is a link to a few places where you can get one. Places to buy BNC to RCA Adapter You don't necessarily need the cable but if you need hookpu longer distance you could use it.

I would use an RF Modulator as well to plug the camera into and then connect to cctv hookup TV. That will give you the ability to select the channel 3 or 4 that you want to view the camera on. RF Modulators are also used to connect video devices to TVs. They are available at most of your retail outlets. That should be all it takes to get it hooked up.

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