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He's seen it all and done it all in spectacular ways before. He knows how to get in with the right circles, where to go to have a good time, how to avoid bad vibes and exactly how much to spend on something. He's pretty handy to have around and he'll open your eyes to something new and exciting. It's great that he's seen more of the world than you, but if he's set in his ways, that's going to put a bit of a damper on letting you enjoy the many 'firsts' of life.

Don't be surprised if he's not as willing to try that new take out place or go on that spontaneous roadtrip as your last boyfriends would have been. This is one of the best aspects of dating an older guy. While you and your last boyfriend were trying to pay rent and find a new way to eat Ramen noodles, this guy is going to be wining and dining you on the regular.

He's accustomed to the comforts of financial security and you'll enjoy the perks of that. More Life Experience He's seen it all and done it all in spectacular ways before. Financially Secure This is one of the best aspects of dating an older guy. Trending on the web You will not believe what happened to them.

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