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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Hello all, I would love to hear from and start a dialogue with people living in South Africa currently, or people who have been there recently. What is the racial situation like in Cape Town interracial dating cape town days? I have read some information online, and am interracial dating cape town aware of the Shantytowns and the continuing racial disparities, but what is every day interracial dating cape town like?

If I were to visit Cape Town today, capee I see people of all colors mingling? Is there any interracial dating, or is that still a big taboo? Are neighborhoods integrated at all? If I went shopping would I see people of color only working service jobs waitperson, clerk, cabdriver, etc or working in all types of businesses? How would I, as a not rich white American woman tourist be received? How different would it be if I were black American tourist?

I ask these questions because in the US usually all we hear about SA is all the interracial dating cape town and how the whites are being punished and discriminated against as a backlash against all the years of apartheid, plus Oprah's school. It's hard to get a realistic picture. Thanks to everyone who responds! I go back about every 18 months. My last visit was earlier this year, but I did not go to CT. You will see people of all colors on the streets, except in the townships.

However, I would not say that adults mingle so much. The most mingling I saw was among the school kids. Interracial dating is not popular. Not sure, but probably would get some looks. I don't think neighborhoods are integrated that much. Then again, are they tow that integrated here in the states? Interrafial both our countries, you can live wherever you want, but it's still a matter of economics. People who are not qualified are getting opportunities over those who are.

IMO, I don't think it's good for the country, but then again I've also never been deprived of citizenship, forced to live somewhere, told when and where I can or can't be, and basically treated like an animal. I think I just mostly defined the first 18 years of my life Can't answer your 'not rich, white woman' tiwn black American questions. In regards to what we hear about in the news, please remember that it's news.

You get the extremes of everything. SA is a wonderful and beautiful place. Crime is a huge negative there. It seems to be completely random - no pattern. I think you get my point. Keep your head about you, don't do anything to draw attention, don't walk around by yourself, or late at night, don't carry lots of money or flaunt fancy possessions. I spent about a year there in the shipyards waiting on a interracial dating cape town completion.

Interesting town, but apartheid was evident everywhere. Moved to CT from Jhb 6 months ago I am attracted to niterracial men. The reality is, it usually the white foriegn men that don't have a problem with being interracial dating cape town with a black lady. I have dated a white South African, but his family still couldn't accept me as his choice, which caused strain in the relationship till we ended it after 6 years.

In Jhb you're likely to see more mixing amongst races Im a CT native living overseas at present, hopefully not for too much longer. I love the city so I probably have a different view of things, but maybe this lady's website can give interracial dating cape town a foreigners' view intereacial the city: All about living and working in beautiful South Africa Or see this page for info about the different expat communities living in Cape Town: Expat Communities, Clubs and Associations in Cape Town I found this really interesting, I have many friends from interracial dating cape town in living CT but had no idea there were so many!

The country as a whole does have some serious interracial dating cape town crime being by far the biggest but as others have said, what place doesnt? At least in some way or form besides a select few, but those places are usually pretty boring to live in IMO. As always, the media make a big noise about everything, and while a fair amount will be true, I think you need to experience the place first hand before believing all of what is said and how "terrible" it is.

If you ask me, SA with low crime would truly be the best place on this planet to live. Because I have grown up with it, Im used to it so I guess it's still the best for me anyway. Think how long attitudes took interracia change between blacks and whites in the US, interracoal system was so similar in many ways with everything seperate and segregated - still these issues persist more in some places than others. What ever you do, try to visit - I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and Im sure will want to return.

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