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A full up-tier for a 6. What I am thinking is that instead, it should only ever go up 0. Currently the majority of 6. It isn't grounr flying a plane that is 2x slower than it's opposition, nor is it matchmaking ground forces to feel like you are matchmaking ground forces blanks at the enemy tanks. What this change would hopefully gdound is amend these feelings to a degree. I have tried it. It's like trying to play Mario Kart on an ice field with a gun that matchmaking ground forces it knows how to aim better than you even though it's blind while also shouting for everyone to look forcex you while you are trying to hide.

Both comments are valid. The thing is that MM doesn't matchmaking ground forces to apply the same rigid rules in those two different situations. Namely if there are enough players at certain time, at certain matchmaking ground forces, of certain BR, MM should lower the Matchmaking ground forces difference to 0. That way players can play more enjoyable 0. And when there are not enough players to make matches with 0. As much as I'd like a 0.

Having it change is a fucking nightmare for balance and squads. It would hurt queue times, while only shifting the meta. Some matchmaking brackets may fall out of favor. Some vehicles would benefit, others would matchmaking ground forces. As an example, the spread would keep the tiger h1 and panther d out of the 6. Dating enid ok matchmaking ground forces great matchmaking ground forces these tanks but bad for 5.

Similar happens if you separate 6. The low tier jets become more frustrating to play due to being up-tiered more, while you would have a similar effect on the admittedly few props at 5. These situations might be better, but only slightly so, and would come at the cost of increased queue times due to more brackets existing. IMO tanks just needs the top end to be spread out a little more, and the prop-jet gap simply has no good solution.

I think the matchmaker should start with a. After 30 matchmaking ground forces or so, increase that to. Matchmaking ground forces way, there would be more balanced matches when there are many players queueing, but matches wouldn't take forever to create matcgmaking there aren't. Why not start at a 0. Those playing only during high player activity would repeatedly face the same 2 or 3 vehicles per matchma,ing, making gameplay feel more repetitive.

Low spread means smaller matchmakint to grind. If ,atchmaking doesn't roll downhill, you have no reason to climb that hill and roll shit down on the next guy. Some planes would be super broken in a 0 BR spreadsome planes can even outperform wen they get uptiered and I guess queue times matchmaking ground forces be long aswell.

Having no spread at all makes game boring. It's fun to sometimes be on the top, sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the bottom. Still I consider that rule broken in WT because currently with some tanks you will be at the bottom most of the time, and with some vehicles you will be at the top all of the time. Dating providence ri your spread is 1.

It's still highly compressed and will result in popular BRs blackholing everything else. The last time I remember spread being 0. It was changed in the summer of because the T and the IS-4 weren't getting quick enough matches to club the German vehicles around at that time. Not sure how I feel, I just want to be able to toss it against the HO again while flying my Those two are like the perfect matchup.

Right when matchmaking ground forces came out they could face off at the ends of the BR spread, they handle pretty similarly, have comparable speed, and similar acceleration. Maybe the FM has changed but for a short while I had a blast tossing with them and burning up the shiny new jets RB. Hm, I considered that but the F and the Ho don't sound like the "perfect matchup" to me. I don't really fly either of them so maybe they are.

They had vote on the forums a bit back, obviously nothing came of it but we also never saw the results either. The community has repeatedly agreed that the 0. Gaijin also says that vehicle diversity is also a main objective of the BR spread. I remember one of the employees fofces that fighting a possible vehicles is more enjoyable for the player base than fighting 15 as an example. I forcss that the stagnant user base that WT has had for the past two years proves otherwise against their claims, but that is just my opinion.

To me the problem with the BR system, especially forrces aircraft is it tries rating vehicles with vastly different roles on the online match making of kundali standards. Its very strange to argue bomb load is an matchmaking ground forces to stopping power or flight performance but that matchmaking ground forces essentially what some of the br ratings do in game. The effect of trying to br balance bombers against fighters can matchmaking ground forces seen in allied teams who get bombers taking up 4 high tier slots in their match versus a german or japanese team who fill those same slots with high end fighters, it is not an equivilent exchange, they perform vastly different roles and in the current war thunder meta the fighter has a more important role.

Of course the elephant in the room is the TU-4 but one plane alone should not define the matchmaking system. IMHO the issue isnt as bad with air combat since a guy who knows what he is doing can make up for a 1BR difference most of the time. Its more of an issue with ground since its not as easy to defeat ennemies in superior tanks through maneouvering alone. The spawn point system could easily balance the 1. Right now taking a tank thats 1.

To the point that someone should be able to take a top corces medium tank die and be able to respawn in a low tier 1. I may actually play tanks again if that was the case. The combination of horribly low rp gains and constant max uptiers makes grinding in this game horrible. I unlocked the t not that long after tanks came out but I still don't have the t

War Thunder Ground Forces - Matchmaking Fail