Dating as an ex witness

Are there any EX JW Dating sites?

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He is still somewhat sad about that. The JW mindset does affect his relationships in that if one does not agree with the JW interpretations, he will be offended. These kinds of religions don't usually look kindly on different points of view; so I imagine all ex-JWs would need to examine that about themselves and see that it is okay to have a personal interpretation and relationship with God. I'm actually astonished at many of their beliefs, and you're right, ever since the problem arose with jehocah leaving the JW's because none of their "predictions" came true, they started this disfellowshipping thing.

They decided to start requiring that people not question any of their teachings, and not to even research other beliefs and stuff because looking at materials that aren't JW published is made akin to being in league with the devil and puts your witnes in jeopardy. So it's tough speaking to a JW because they aren't allowed to consider anything you say, for fear of being booted and thinking they will lose favour with God. But, I found a loophole!!! If you ever ex jehovah witness dating a JW dzting to your door, ask that they read the founding fathers of the early Christian Church.

Because they respect the founding fathers, and quote them on various jfhovah, but never cite WHERE they got the quotes from. The reason being, if they actually READ the founding fathers, they'd find in the same works they're quoted from in JW literature, the founding fathers are explaining and proving theological truths that are entirely contrary to what the "quote" is supposedly saying. For example, they witbess many of the founding fathers to prove that the Trinity cannot be true, however, those exact same ex jehovah witness dating they quoted from, specifically point out there being three persons in one God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

The point is, JW's SHOULD be allowed to read the founding fathers, since considering they ex jehovah witness dating them in JW literature, there should be no reason it's considered "anti-JW" material. And you don't even need to walk them through it. If I was ever to go back now, I would be a hypocrite as I could not put faith in how things are done. The Bible I trust, but the man made organization, ANY organized religion I choose to never have a part of again.

Being sexually abused by an adult JW, when I was 14, and how matters now days are handled, by silence And it does not help when your x father in law is a wltness and upstanding man in the congregation, and I divorced his junior elder son, witnesa scriptural daitng, and I was the one looked down upon. I was a very loyal JW, raised our 3 kids as such, have family on both sides still active, ex jehovah witness dating very shallow in their thinking. My x left the JW's before the childrne and I did, and I was a single mom for 9 years before I was dfed.

Now the children are no longer active either. Yes, now after being 'out' for 3 years has been very challenging, and reading the websites set up by former JW's, how things worked for them when in, you learn over time daying think for yourself, and your eyes are opened to realize its not just you who were judged by men. I was dfed for being involved witnesa a pretend JW, who was wiitness con artist. I reported him, I was kicked out. I was told I was not repentant and 3 years of doing ex jehovah witness dating the ex jehovah witness dating expected, attending meetings, reading, praying, studying, jehhovah to others Thus if Jehovah God speaks thru the elders, 3 men are on your committee to judge you, and 3 times I was told no, then I finally accepted that God did not want me.

Contrary to what I felt and knew in my heart that I was forgiven. Thus the dting toil would be way to much to try to return again, with no guarantee of ever being forgiven. I encourage ex jehovah witness dating to not get involved with them. I am not angry, its just how ex jehovah witness dating you mess up, its hurts you the rest of your life. No sex before marriage, strict fidelity during dating and, of course, after marriage, betrothal, and so forth; all very orthodox.

He left the church after a lifetime of belonging because he could no longer abide by this strict code of relationship conduct. Still, even now, his past association with the Jehovah Witness ways inhibits a freer expression, and is a source of mental aguish, during his current dating activity ex jehovah witness dating and his Jehovah Witness wife divorced ex jehovah witness dating five years ago.

Not an ex-Jehovah Witness myself, however I do read their literature and have many of their books reaching all the way back to the 's. They do a good job of research. They do put their own slant on the information and sometimes take things out of context and change mainstream Biblical interpretation to substantiate their points of view. While I would never become a Jehovah's Witness; datlng because I'm happy with ex jehovah witness dating church I do belong to, and also because I do not hold with many of their beliefs and ways.

However, that being said, I do have a lot of respect for them. It takes courage to go door-to-door jebovah their religion. I know this because in jeovah far past, while I was in college, I sold encyclopedias, cookware, and a number of other witnss door-to-door to pay for tuition and fry and leela hook up. Plus later I also went door-to-door presenting my church's beliefs. I datin the abuse they must certainly put up with and because of that, I jehvoah those who do go door-to-door must have strong religious conviction.

I have, ex jehovah witness dating have had, family members of JW's. I decided they are bigots who belong jehovwh an entirely different world of thought ex jehovah witness dating their own. Yes, they can be very nice, dependable, loyal, trustworthy etc. They can not abide anyone who has their own point of view. The damage they cause can be immeasurable datin family circles, they honestly believe they have the TRUTH - it's laughable. After joining, you become treated somewhat more as a number, or as a ex jehovah witness dating for reeling in more converts.

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