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I started this cause I was soo curious about your guys or gals! I've seen a lot kkh dating while married them, but Kkh dating while married wanna see them all! Though his name sounds all fancy, he is actually a blockbuster comedy actor! He is an a lister at We met at Black Widow. His personality is the one that is kinda distracted and busy kkh dating while married his cell phone. I have a kinda cool story to share. Once upon a time when I, Anastazia, was a D-Lister I was browsing to find my "dream boyfriend" on the Top Stars list.

I found him all the way up there and declared him my dream bf. Then one day, I was now an A lister. I got back together for the 3rd time with my bf Jaxon Chapman. He kept begging me to, by flirting. I went into black widow to call him for a date and I saw my dream boyfriend! So yeah, I broke up with little Kkh dating while married and dated James! We then got engaged.

I'm a sucker for them. It was meant to be! Here's my husband http: He has that lovely dovey personality, so is forever coming out with cheese: He helped me get my first tv appearance. I did him a favour by doing it so he owned me! What a long, sweet relationship! Got lucky with him, as they shouldn't have popped up in the game so soon haha. I enjoyed my time with Ian, but wanted to date my IRL partner for a while not knowing you couldn't get engaged with them after that update.

It was fun but I enjoyed seeing everyone's engagement announcements and wedding photos that I just had to have Ian back! Then I discovered the engagement rings D Aw, what good story! Nice couple, he looks great in the pink hair. There he ismy spouse. Haha I love that mystic! It's true, they still are on the phone on dates lol yeah sadly most of us are lol.

Who can blame him: I dont think their hair styles are supposed to change, it just glitched for Samurai i think. She said it changed back anyways: It certainly has changed back: As far as I am aware, mine isn't meant to because he was part of quest at the beginning. Interesting, as mine has never changed at all and i got the game when it came out. I've never experienced the change of clothes but I have seen other members posts mentioning about hair and clothes changing.

But it's most likely a glitch, like mine was: Now for this update every time my game restarts my hubby has a different shirt lol. Mine wont stop changing his cloths no matter how many kkh dating while married i change it for him guess he doesn't like what i choose: What dating for over 40s in south africa fussy git: Hi all, here's my Boo David he is a Naturopathic Physician he's a doctor ya'll, wish I can get some of that dough We met at Club Spaceman and he is B-list.

Our relationship has been up and down, engaged twice, then I left him to be with someone else. Got married to another other guy kkh dating while married still had David in my heart, so we started dating unfortunately ex hubby found out and we got divorced. David and I continued dating and he gave me my 4th ring and we were married soon after. Funnily though he kinda looks like my rl hubby except he has dreads, which they need to add for both sexes!

D'aww Lavera that was sweet: I think more fortunately: D hehe I love his colors Dreads, great idea for hair! I know, wish we could grab some of that cash from their hands: You are all going to hate me for saying this again but Would anyone like to post?? After that we hung out at club widow a lot and we ended up breaking it off once because I was focused on getting the beach house on the coast, but then shortly we got back together and where wedded in vages.

I work the long white wedding dress kkh dating while married lace and had the hairdo with the wait bow in it. He actually looks like my bf too which is probably why I did my best not to neglect him so after I got the beach house! Though my bf has a little but longer hair style. Wow he looks hot so normel looking guys do exist in the game ahhhhwhy are all the men in my game kkh dating while married blue hairedtoo old or low ranked.

He does look pretty kkh dating while married. RIP Ian Richardson, you were a wonderful husband. Can't believe the glu gods took you from me so soon. Yup, he will be in any home of yours you enter! If you tap him once in a while, he gives some nice 'pet-like' rewards. Ian Richardson, I bet you were a wonderful man. I'll get the search party out! Kkh dating while married you left a ransom note? Gone but never forgotten, Ian Richardson

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