100 Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Questions to Ask a Guy [Best Dirty, Funny, Interesting, Awkward, Flirty]

First dates can be nerve-wracking to say the least and awkward silences only make it worse. Fill in the gaps by asking him these random but fun questions that will give you a heads up on his personality and your compatibility! An answer to this question will give you an insight to his goals and dreams. If he answers right away and can describe exactly what he wants to do, you know that he has thought about this before.

However, if he fumbles and mumbles, you may want to steer clear. Who wants to go further with someone who has no dreams?! Everyone has something that grinds their gears. Say for instance your date likes turtles, he may be an introverted soul that prefers to be alone. If he likes lions, he may be very outgoing. If it is full of hills and plants, he may be a person who loves nature and silence. If it is full of sandy beaches and fun amenities, he may be a party animal!

The answer to this question can give you a real heads up about your possible future. If he knows and chooses a high end designer, he may be really into his looks. This may also mean that he takes longer than you to get ready for a date. Find out what his preferred workout style is. Random dating questions to ask a guy he likes yoga, it is smart to conclude he lives a holistic life. This is a random dating questions to ask a guy way to determine your compatibility.

Ask him why and listen to his justification. After all, money does make the world go round. Or is that hope? A legacy is one of the reasons people work hard well, besides money. The way a person wants to be remembered speaks volumes about his morals and outlook on life. Find out how close or not he is to his family.

Ask about cool family traditions and share yours as well. If your date has any children, this is probably when he would or should tell you. Watch out, his worst habit could be your pet peeve! If your hookup bathurst is outgoing and adventurous, his answer will consist of something that is actually extreme bungee jumping, skydiving etc.

Safe is sexy in its random dating questions to ask a guy way. Monday can mean your date loves the idea of a fresh start. If he happens to choose the weekend, ask him why. Maybe he loves to party or maybe he just wants to unwind at home with a book. Either way, this question will give you a better idea of how compatible the two of you are. See what type of person your date admires. If it is an influential person from history, this may mean he is an intellectual.

If he likes to have fun, he may choose a celebrity. It could be something as simple as getting his dream car or something totally crazy. Either way, it would be fun to know what his secret desires are. It could even lead to a stimulating discussion about your respective favorites. Knowing his beliefs is important when determining compatibility, especially if your own beliefs are extreme.

A guy who feels that he has no flaws may be conceited and could only be looking into your eyes to see his reflection. Run away as fast as you can! These kind of questions are always fun because it gives you a peek into what his mind works like. The quirkier his escape plan, the better. Men who can dance are such a turn-on! If he claims he random dating questions to ask a guy dance, challenge him to a dance-off!

It would be a fantastic way to share a few laughs and connect. If you could walk around with a theme song playing in the background, what would yours be? A theme song would describe your date in a nutshell or the person he wants to be. A guy who has tried online dating may be afraid to admit it but it says that he still believes in love. Make it fun by sharing a few of your horror online dating experiences.

The type of childhood your date has experienced may define what type of parent he will be. If you like your date, you want to know what types of things turn him off. You know how you feel about your deal breakers, so pay attention to his! The person who inspires him is a direct reflection of the man he wants to be. Analyze his choice to figure out what kind of person he is working to become. His answer will reveal his like and dislikes. It will also give you a sneak peek into how he handles certain situations.

Did he leave her to pay the tab, or did he take her home and never call again? This is once again a great opportunity my precision dating members share a few laughs. An assertive guy would speak up and let the staff know BUT without being a jerk about it. Being an ass to your server is a total no-no and a huge red signal! Either way, this is a great way to leave things open ended for a possible future date.

You might learn that he likes to actually play sports instead of just watching it on television. Or maybe you support rival teams when it comes to football, in which case you could always have a playful argument about which team is better. A guy who likes WWE may like things that are more dramatic, or full of entertainment. If he favors UFC, he may like more manly things without the extra bells and whistles. Find out if your date is a social media junkie, or is he one of those rare humans who realize the internet is much bigger than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dating someone with a phone addiction sucks! On the other hand, if he is a man of business, you may not have a choice. Now, this is a hard one so tell him to take his time and choose a word carefully. Random dating questions to ask a guy however he picks something negative, you may want to find out more. If a guy likes old school cars, he may be a guy with classic taste.

If a guy chooses something newer, maybe something sporty, he may be more modern and adventurous. Find out what type of cartoon your date most identifies with. It will say a lot about his sense of humor. If random dating questions to ask a guy guy chooses a villain, he may be a bad boy hopefully with a good heart! If he answers no, ask him what his thoughts on owning one are. Men who are kind to animals are downright HOT!

Does he pick something romantic like French, something more assertive sounding like German or something downright challenging like Japanese? Pay close attention, you may have to cook for him someday! When your date answers this question, try not to compare his idea of perfection to yourself. Afterall, no one is perfect!

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