Cost of Installing an Appliance Water Supply Line

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Appliance?

Integrated, standalone, and add-on ice makers conveniently supply ice to your kitchen, wet bar, or entertaining area. A qualified plumber can easily install the supply line that is required to provide water to an automatic ice maker, though a few factors may influence the cost of the job. Plumbing connections for ice maker water lines are typically made in the basement of homes by running plastic tubing or copper pipe through a floor to connect with a valve placed on existing water lines.

In applications which accessing a primary water line is impractical, connections are often made under a nearby sink. A new ice make installation involves making connections to the existing plumbing in your home, as well as to a power supply for standalone appliances. Replacing an existing ice maker supply line is how much does it cost to hook up an ice maker uncomplicated, providing valves and connections are in good condition. In fact, if upgrades are not required, the project can probably be handled by a handyman or other technician.

The distance between your ice maker and water supply is a basic aspect of pricing a water line installation, since fitting longer spans require more time and material. A water supply line is essential for the function of your automatic ice maker, whether it is incorporated with your refrigerator or is a standalone appliance.

Proper ice maker water line installation ensures the performance of your ice maker, and prevents costly leaks in your home. As you plan for your project, consider how the type of installation, the condition of your plumbing, and the location of the ice maker may influence the cost of the job. How It Works Select the work to be done.

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