Baby Daddy: Ben and Riley wants out of their relationships. Bonnie and Tucker get addicted to betting.

'Baby Daddy' Finale Sneak Peek: Riley Finally Admits Her Feelings to Danny

Was it just a matter of finding the perfect time? It was both, a matter of finding the perfect time and of finding the right role. Reba loves Melissa [Peterman] and she's been graciously trying to datinng her schedule to be on the show. We had a couple of different scenarios for her, but when it looked like she was available around the finale, we had to tie baby daddy riley and danny dating into the wedding.

As far as the love triangle goes, it's been pretty specifically plotted and we realized that was the last piece of knowledge that nobody had. The only thing that was holding anything datign was Ben's knowledge that Danny had been in love with Riley his whole life. I can and cannot believe that it took Ben this long to figure it out. The thing about Ben is that he's a little bit of a narcissist, so there's that, and Rileg think when you're in love you don't see it.

Growing up, no one had ever expressed these feelings. Riley had no idea that Danny had liked her all those years growing up, so consequently, why would Ben? Will there be a time jump between seasons? Or will we get to see Riley's answer right away? When we come into Season 5, we jump ahead a little bit so we already see [Danny and Riley] in a relationship. We don't have to do those stories we've done already baby daddy riley and danny dating Ben and Xating where, like, "Oh, no, are we dating?

This is awkward," but now that Danny and Riley have both realized they love each other, they are able to be in a relationship. One of the things I really like about them as a TV couple is that they are best friends. They're together all the time, and they have 20 years of baby daddy riley and danny dating with each other.

Where does this leave Ben? He's going to be Ben, dahing he will be developing a love interest this next year. He sort of realizes that he wants someone for him and Emma, so he's on a little bit of a quest for a mom. Dating script nulled 2013 are you most excited to tackle with Danny and Riley's relationship? The one thing we've never had on the show is a dadcy who is mid-relationship.

Brad ddaddy Bonnie have always just been barely past the first date; they get together and they break up. Ben and Riley have made a few failed attempts, but it's never lasted for more than two or three weeks. There's so many things when you're in a relationship, just the day-to-day and trust issues and different things. Having a bagy changes the dynamic a little bit, and we haven't been able to have that aspect yet.

Now that we do, I'm excited about it. You can expect a more successful datinb next season. Dajny I won't guarantee you that their relationship will work out, because it's Bonnie and Brad. We definitely address the Bonnie and Brad question in the Season 5 opener. Last episode we got to meet "Silky Dobbs. He's on a very big career trajectory next diley. He has a little blow up with Mary Hart, who'll be back. He'll be moving on, becoming a little bit more of an on-air personality himself.

You always have to do a tag, but we obviously couldn't go past the moment because it ends on such a cliffhanger. As we're bringing this love triangle to an end, we really wanted to show the "meant to be" of Danny and Riley. You see the moment that Danny talks about, of falling rilsy love with Riley when she fell off her bike and he went over there—and at the same time, you have little troublemaker Ben.

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