matchmaking in gta?

Timed out loading session

The ability to post questions and comments on Support Community Forums is available to players who have been registered with Social Club for at least one month. If you are a brand new Social Club member less than one matchmakjngplease feel free to browse. Fifalosophyy 3 Timed out loading session When. I want to play GTA Online, it says: Please sign in to leave a comment.

It does it for me too even when i try to load a solo session my guess is they are either closing online to fix it or just doing it to anoy the customers. Same here pal seems alot of people having the same problem i can join on the rare occasion iut get kicked off after one matchmakong Better get this viper sorted bc it's bs that we have it now and can't even play half the time.

Hi i have grand theft auto online timed out when matchmaking same problem From an unexpected error, the connection to the server was interrupted and sometimes i habe Timed out loading Looks like every one is having this issue I was able to play online in invite only sessions with my friends but now Oout can't even connect to invite only sessions and its onlinee its not even trying to connect I get an error message seconds after trying to lunch an c dating testbericht only season or join one looks like GTA online is busted and there trying to sweep it u see the rug like timd the users connection to them because every grand theft auto online timed out when matchmaking post has been answered by onlind with a " try resting your internet and ps4 or Xbox one ".

Their servers matchmaking sentence garbage, so everyone there is no need to tweak your router settings or anything else. I can guarantee any other online game you own will work fine. This is their guineafowl up, their networking department sucks, they don't BETA test anything before launch. We are the guinea pigs unfortunately. This is matchamking annoying. It keeps timing out. I've tried a closed friend session about 50 times.

None of my friends can get on either. Invite, Public, Solo, are all down. Had it for 2 days now. Exactly the matchjaking here. Haven't been able to join one online lobby today, just lots of "Timed out loading session" alerts. I have tweaked all my routers settings and port openings, with no change. Seems its very common problem. You would think after the last gens release would have been more prepared.

Good Spot there, glad to know they are listening. Might spread the word around. Lets hope this patch does resolve the issue. Rockstar Support Community Grand Theft Auto Online. Grand Theft Auto Online Follow. Timed out loading session When. November 21, It's annoying me to no end! November 22, grand theft auto online timed out when matchmaking

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