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I didn't use it much but your sim is required to do the first the sims 4 dating service I think to ask the person out on a real date. There's a "meet a person from online" wish or something you can fulfill. I once accepted ths message and completely forgot about it for various sim weeks. Needless to say I got a letter from the sim saying something along the lines of: It also told my sim off for not giving her nay attention and then implied she's not interested anymore.

Youtube Blogger Tumblr Twitter. I actually haven't tried it yet, but are you sure they are single? I keep getting love letters and phone calls from men I know datung married. They are just all the men in the 'hood. In Sunset Valley, Nick Alto marriedGeoffrey Landgraab marriedThornton Wolff marriedetc were all available to "date". But so were the unmarrieds.

It helps the sims 4 dating service you're datkng with whom is in the datiing and who is or isn't married. I am an Angel who has tamed the Dragon. For I am NOT crunchy, NOR good with ketchup! That's what bugs me, I'm si,s sunset valley at the moment and the majority of the male sims available to meet up and stuff are married It gets kind of annoying getting messages from married sims, my sim tye wants to get some good old single man candy darnit Sdrvice gonna do something killer?

C'mon give it a try Maybe they did it this way with full intent, as some sort of commentary on real life online dating, lol. Dive Cave Reset Fix, Resort Revamp, Industrial Oven Revamp, Will O' Wisp fix, UI Sounds Disabled, No Cars, Gnome Family Planner, Townies Out on the Town, No Martial Arts Clothes, Fast Skilling, etc. I haven't used it yet because my Sim is in a relationship dwting, but I did check it out for curiosity's sake They need to add more body types to it.

There are WAY more body types out there thd the world than just "slim", "athletic", and "more to love". My Sim is pretty curvy, so I put "more the sims 4 dating service love", but they should add in a few more body types, like "average", and "curvy". Every real online dating site I've seen has those two as options. It would also be nice if you could add traits, favorites, and a body type that your Sim would prefer. That way you could match profiles better. The City of Eastport.

Oh, it can be worse. My female Sim pre-made EA family in Riverview recently got a love letter from HER OWN FATHER. As always, EA forgot to add some restrictions, it seems. Just like the gift-giving servive pets that write letters when your Sim marries. Sure, my Adting are obsessed with it speed dating ambiente it's a nice way of finding a Sim's "perfect match", even though the dating system includes married Sims.

I felt kind of sad when my female Riverview Sim had the hots for some married bloke and ended up marrying rating, booting his ex-wife and daughter from their estate. And he wrote a love letter to his daughter. Hopefully they'll fix some of the issues in future updates. The incest option with the online dating system seems more like an oversight Estj dating tips guess, and I'd imagine it's a big enough flaw the sims 4 dating service they'd want to fix thhe as quickly as possible.

Actually, I've the sims 4 dating service that for awhile now, not sure after which patch, the wedding gifts from everyone, simz just pets, stopped arriving. Kind of bums me out, as my horse was always good for a nice piece of art. Call me Gemma or Gem: Played since original 'The Sims'. Spend my life working, playing and lurking around here, posting way too much not enough. The Only Way Is Up simblr.

I want a mod or something that doesn't list sims who are married in the online dating profiles unless that sim has commitment issue and or flirty traits. All I find is Sims who are married. I need single men! I also put my online profile on, and my sim ended up marrying a man she met at the festival. I took her dating profile off, and both of them get nonstop calls asking for dates from their friends. I am not even kidding, there datign 19 calls in one day between the two, I ended up counting because they just wouldn't stop calling.

I ended up just not answering their phones anymore. They're married and have four kids, they're not interested in you! Hopeless Romantic, Computer Whiz, Couch Potato, Shy Partner: Writing; Fan Fiction Drafter Miscellaneous:

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