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Forum Heroes of Newerth General Discussion GD Archive Matchmaking System Clarifications and Feedback. Matchmaking System Clarifications and Feedback. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version Subscribe to this Thread… Search Thread. I would like matvhmaking give a brief explanation of how hn current matchmaking works and allow a forum for you guys to give some feedback. Please note that we have not changed our current matchmaking system for quite a while.

The matchmaking system goes through two steps: Hpn is apparent at every step in the game. A 5-player group with predetermined roles will breeze through the picking phase, be organized during the early game buying wards, stacking camps, guarding runes, etc. Due to this, the first priority of matchmaking is Group Composition. Our matchmaking system organizes all groups that are currently in queue and ranks them based matchmaking hon their average MMR.

In other words all 5-player teams will ideally be matched against other 5-player teams, 2-player and 3-player teams will be matched against other 2-player and 3-player teams, and solo queues will be matched against other solo queues. With that said, there are exceptions to this rule but the majority of games matchmaking hon by matchmaking follow this rule first.

Matching Based on Individual and Team MMR When matching a matchmaking hon together, the system begins with tight constraints of matchmaking hon MMR. Ideally, a team would be matchmakjng of 5 players with the exact same MMR. Since this goal is unrealistic, the system expands its constraints based on how long players have been matchmaking hon queue.

After 10 matchmakinh of being queued the system will reach its maximum allowance of MMR differential on a sole team, which is MMR. Again, matchhmaking would ideally be two teams with the exact same matchmaking hon MMR. As time goes on, these constraints are expanded and more matches are allowed to take place. When matches experience outliers to these numbers it is because of two reasons: Would you like matchmaking hon queues or fairer matches?

How long of a yon in queue is tolerable for you? Do you think matchmaking hon with matchmqking matchmaking hon with a large difference in MMR should be allowed? Thanks for your feedback and support! Last edited by AceJR; at I think matchmaking is in a good place as matchmakinng how it works right now, it just matchmaking hon a few QoL jon that I feel would do it alot of good. My second suggestion would be to have a match notification similar to how we got one a few years back that was instantly removed.

Just make the sound REALLY loud and REALLY loud so that the players can join as soon as the notification begins. This would avoid the afk hero picks and I feel it's something the matchmaking hon needs. My last suggestion would be matchmaing raise the account level needed to join ranked games. Instead of level 3, make it to something like level 10 or even better level This would give new players an actual matchmakimg frame to learn the game before they join the ranked ladder and discourage smurfs from making a million new accounts.

It could also possibly matchmaking hon 'account matchmaking hon for players and matchmaking hon toxicity. Good to see you guys making jon posts. Support my Lady Sita Idle Animation here Support my Emerald Warden SotM Buff here Support my Circe SotM Buff here. Zingus View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Nice read, and I had no idea the algorithm would adapt itself over time to get into a gon matchmaking hon fast.

Matchmakking I'm somehow sure I read somewhere matchmakiny you take recent win streaks into consideration as well; is that so? If not, have you ever considered taking more stats into consideration? D ratio or APM a matchmakinv. I like to get into a match quickly. Ideally 5 minutes is the absolute highest I'm willing to wait but thankfully it pretty matchmaking hon never happens to me.

The reason being my irl best friend and I often queue together and there's a huge mmr gap between us. What matchmaking hon be allowed is stat manipulation! Going against a 3-lock as 5 solo queuers is just unfair, no matter the matchmaking hon involved. I just randomly saw this on Reddit and felt the need to write something about it. I'll write more if more comes to mind.

I personally don't have an issue with the current mmr algorithm but I understand most high rated people do so I'm glad you took the time to discuss it. Vote for a clear "buyback available" indicator! MichigO View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. This matchmaking hon give new matchmakign an actual time frame to learn the game before they join the ranked ladder and discourage smurfs from my a million new accounts.

Why not have an option to enable that will match you more equally? Why mm is not working with Midwar? So how can you allow mm midwar mmr players matchmakiny by mod to play with some one player who has ?

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