Dating a Proco Rat

Profile History Recently viewed tabs. No tabs to display. Popular tabs Fresh tabs. Welcome home, Stranger Please Sign in or Sign pfoco. I just got a Proco Rat off eBay, and I think I've been had. The seller said it was an early 90s Rat with the LM chip, and although I'm not versed in this dating proco rat 2, I think he was lying. Could anyone help me determine whether any of that was accurate?

Vintage Reissue Rat Big Box Pots: ER I can't find any other number on them Chip: Says "Vintage Rat VR Made in U. Last edited by coquet at May 5,dating proco rat 2 May 5,4: If it's an OP07, it's a newer Rat reissue. Fais wins at life. Look at the serial number or around there Mine says 'Rat2' somewhere but I dating proco rat 2 remember where. Griffin Effects Registered User. You've probably been had. Does it have a sticker on the bottom that says Vintage Rat? Might have peeled it off.

Vintage Rats were made between 91 - 05 so technically it could be an early 90's Vintage Rat. If the chip says OP07 on it, it's not a LM in there. You can take a look at the dafing of the Rat here: HISTORY It tells you about the differences in the Rats. Quote by Griffin Effects. I have that exact one. Mine has a LM in it. It's not to say that ProCo didn't use both chips in it through the years. I know they use the OP07 in the Rat2.

If you take the board out, you can probably see if it has been resoldered. The LM isn't internally compensated so they added the cap. The OP07 doesn't need the datinv because it's internally compensated. So if there isn't a spot for a cap dsting pins 1 and 8, the OP07 was probably in there to begin with. I actually prefer the Rat2 over my Vintage Rat. There are a few other differences other than the chip but I like the Rat2 better. I'm building a Rat2 clone right now and I'm socketing the op-amp so I can try different ones to see what I like best so we'll see drew kenney dating It's the op-amp I dislike about it.

I take it back. I just had a look in mine and there looks to be a compensation cap. It's pproco small yellow cap right at the top of the op-amp. It's right between the op-amp and the switch in your pictures. Looks like the OP07 isn't internally compensated either. Last edited by Griffin Effects at May 5,5: May 5,5: I think I've figured out that this is probably a version. I'm going to post some details on why, just in case anyone else has the same problem and runs across this thread.

First, Proco didn't start using the OP07DP chip until source. Second, as you may have noticed in the third and fourth pictures, the pedal I received has a big blue 3PDT switch. Dating proco rat 2 was gray on the 90s ones. The rest of the guts looked substantially different as well picture. Third, the etchings on the pots indicate they were produced in the 23rd week ofwhich datijg consistent with them not being used until a pedal production. Thanks for the help, everyone. I guess this is why eBay has buyer protection.

May 5,6: Mine has a and a black X-wing DPDT switch! It uses classic Rat switching. The predecessor of the millenium bypass! You know you can pick up a LM for a couple of buck right? I guess it's the principal of the thing though. File a dispute with Paypal right away before he can get his money released. Dating a Proco Rat - Ultimate Guitar.

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