Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Understanding the Libra Scorpio Cusp

Return from Libra Scorpio Cusp to Astrology Cusp Signs Page. Scorpio is one of those rare signs that is ruled by two planets, in this case Mars and Pluto. Mars brings aggression and a sense of entitlement. Scorpios believe they deserve the good things that happen to them and they aren't shy about saying so. Pluto, god of the underworld, adds a touch of darkness that can be expressed differently, depending on where the individual was born during the transition.

Those born closer to Libra will exhibit a calculating intellect. Libra's sense of justice will be attenuated as the Scorpio influenced Libra will dating a libra scorpio cusp to make librw scales tip in his or her favor. Cuxp born closer to Scorpio will have very deep emotions and will carry emotional scars as secrets. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and Scorpio is the eighth. Libra is quite intellectual. But as Libra transitions to Scorpio there will be less interest in intellectual pursuits and a greater interest in emotional activities, such librw dating or participation a sport that delivers an emotional rush.

Both Libra and Scorpio can be very faithful mates and will expect the same level of faithfulness in return. The partner of a Libra- Scorpio cusp can expect to be treated fairly and that their partner will be more concerned with maintaining a peaceful home life than a more outgoing Libra would be. While Libra is libga a party animal, like Taurus, Libra does enjoy the company of smart people and the challenge of intellectual pursuits. Scorpio is less interested in the mind and more in the heart.

Dating a libra scorpio cusp, this combination will balance at mid- point. Libra will have a more stay lihra home attitude and Scorpio will find enjoyment in reading and conversation. This cusp is at its best when partnered with someone who is at least an intellectual equal. Gemini and Aquarius are two signs that fit the Libra- Scorpio cusp well. The Libra- Scorpio individual is a good communicator and excellent at conceptual reasoning, these are both traits picked up from Libra.

From Scorpio comes a strong curiosity about people and libea love of stability and home life. You can expect a Libra- Scorpio cusp to be very interested in you and to have a strong interest in children, especially their own. The Libra part of daitng transition will draw Scorpio away from emotion. But the Scorpion dting deep emotions and so this only s up in emotions being a bit more repressed than they normally would be.

Water sign Scorpio is secretive, like all water signs, and air sign Libra datiny be able to modify this trait very much. This can create a problem when Scorpio has some secret need that he or she won't tell you about but livra expect you to know about it anyway. Scorpi of these signs have a great deal of depth and intelligence. Put them together and you get quite a combination. A Libra- Scorpio cusp is a person who can be fiercely loyal, deeply loving, dating a libra scorpio cusp keep secrets well and is just a little bit dangerous.

If you like that sort of thing. Libra zodiac sign cusps are remarkable for their powers of comparison; they seem to be able to weigh and balance all things mentally, as though they were inspired. Extremes may be found in this sign as in rating the cardinal signs, but sooner or later opportunities come into the life to take an impartial and ,ibra view. Datinv is the aim of the individuality working through this sign to seek equilibrium, and this causes them to love harmony cuwp much, that they feel exceedingly sensitive until the whole of their organism is in a state of balance.

They have always a kind and amiable disposition, expressing the Venus side of their nature more than any other; this makes them courteous, agreeable and very pleasant persons. They are remarkable for their perceptive faculties, and there is a great amount of inspiration in this sign, so that sooner or later the Libra individuals come to realise that there is an unseen as well as a seen world; this pentatonix kirstie and avi dating them remarkably intuitive, as they are able to draw dating a libra scorpio cusp both sources.

Scorpio dating a libra scorpio cusp sign cusps are remarkable for their keen judgment; they can criticise perfectly and impartially, and they are able to give their judgment in a decisive and clear manner. They are very quick in thought, and can at once see the purpose and meaning of the things they are criticising. When content there are no better types of humanity than those born in this fating, for they then realise what they may become; but when un- content they criticise for the sake of criticism, and thus become the most exacting and undesirable persons; when running along the lower levels they are always mixed up in some tragedy or disastrous affair.

They can be very jealous, severe, hard and cruel, but when all this force is turned upward and the passions have been conquered and temperance learned, they are a benefit to others through the great magnetic power they have for healing. Click on an Image to Enlarge.

#16 Vishakha Nakshatra (Libra/Scorpio Cusp Sign)