A Review: Cyrano Dating Agency

REVIEW: Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013)

Dating agency cyrano drama review was anticipating this movie. At first I thought, it was just out of curiosity and the story seem to be cute. What a reason, right? But as I watched it, I think now I truly understood why I was so into watching this. One more thing, Daniel Choi is love. He owned this movie! This is not going to be a detailed recap. Because I think, you will enjoy it better, if you watch it first. The story itself is felt with the characters in it more than the concept of the story, IMO.

So I dare you to take atleast two hours of your time to watch it yourself. Then go back and read my review. The roles they played was awesome! The plot is kinda new to me. The BOYS and The GIRLS. Hee-joong Lee Min Jung is a beautiful woman and has an issue with trust. Her past relationship damaged it. At present, she simply rides her scooter, regularly attends a boring service and living alone. Min Jung is charming and she definitely have a great on screen presence.

Though not a powerful actress just yet. Dating agency cyrano drama review Hee-joong is such a light character and it suits Min Jung. Park Shin Hye is actually under utilized here since she plays a minor role, a support role. She turned herself as a woman here with conviction. Strong willed and all out. Good contrast with character roles that Shin Hye are choosing.

Byeong-hoon Uhm Tae Woong an actor in every sense of the word. Smooth and confident unlike Sang yong. A typical man who wanders more than aim. At one pint in his life he met Hee-joong and lost her. It must be some of his facial expression or angles that resembles Chef. Sang-yong Daniel Choi jolly, simple minded, witty and very vulnerable. And yet when he confessed his true feelings for Hee-joong, it was sincere. I was actually worried with his character because he was ill-tempered and easily angered.

He sucks at words! Sound so cheesy right. Dating agency cyrano drama review was better than the script or what Byung-hoon delivered. Their clients are like stage actors, with lines to throw and backdrop to enhance an ambiance. All to help win the girl of a mans dream, so to speak. Nothing against set up dating or match making of some sort. Getting help is good too. Just that, the way this movie presented it is ridiculous.

He showed his own sincerity by telling how he truly feel and shutting down his connections with the agency in two of the most important scene in the movie. Also, he did patiently waited and done his own part to win Hee-joong. But thank godness for Daniel Choi! He brought my attention back! He can make me cry and laugh the next. It is my first time to see Daniel Choi. Such a good beat he had there! Also the scene he had with Uhm while asking to help him, you can just feel his pain.

The issue of trust. One of the foundation of any relationship is trust. Byung-hoon did not trust Hee-joong that caused failure in their relationship. Loving a person can be shown in a lot of ways and doing something that is best for the person you love is one of the greatest. Bottom line, we want the person we love to be happy and being with them bring such. But sometimes, letting go is the best way of giving happiness too.

Being unselfish and letting the person we love have a better life without us. I will forget the ending and pretend that it ended with Hee Joong and Sang Yong. Overall rating 7 out of I laughed a lot and my heart was happy. I agree with your rating. I watched it a day after Cyrano, and I think the two films are very comparable. I just saw it a few days ago and thought it was quite different than what I expected — focused a lot on the past and barely on the current relationship of HJ and SY so the ending was rushed.

But it was a pretty good movie overall, in my opinion. I was confused lol. Wow this is great, I really like this so far. Very clever and cute and just fun. Reminds me a bit of Hitch. Somehow, the ending, for me, is quite clear — dating agency cyrano drama review suggests that Min-yeong Park Shin Hye sought the help of their team mates of course, without Byeong-hoon [Uhm Tae Woong ] knowing it to match her up with him.

All throughout the movie, it was obvious that Min-yeong dating agency cyrano drama review Byeong-hoon. I wholeheartedly disagree and hated the ending. And when he was trying to reconcile that with his ex that bitch came in and ruined it?! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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The BOYS Byeong-hoon Uhm Tae Woong an actor in every sense of the word.

K-Drama Review: Dating Agency: Cyrano (연애조작단: 시라노 )