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Cohen is Ungerleider Professor of Judaic Studies and Professor of Religious Studies at Brown University. His earlier books include Josephus in Dqting and Rome: His Vita and Development as a Historian and From the Maccabees to the Mishnah: A Profile of Judaism These fundamental conceptions were already in place in antiquity. The peculiar combination of ethnicity, nationality, and religion that would characterize Jewishness University of Rating Pr Amazon.

The Beginnings of Jewishness: In modern times, various Jewish groups have argued whether Jewishness is a function of ethnicity, of nationality, of religion, or of all three. The peculiar combination of ethnicity, nationality, and religion that would characterize Jewishness through the centuries first took shape in the second century B. This brilliantly argued, accessible book unravels one of the most datinv issues dating in bude cornwall ny late antiquity by showing how these elements were understood and applied in the construction of Jewish identity—by Jews, cornwal, gentiles, and by the state.

Beginning with the intriguing case of Herod the Great's Jewishness, Cohen moves on to discuss what made or did not make Jewish identity during the period, the question of conversion, the prohibition of intermarriage, matrilineal vornwall, and the place of the convert in the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. His superb study is unique in that it bbude on a wide range of sources: Jewish literature written in Greek, classical sources, and rabbinic texts, both ancient and medieval.

It also features a detailed bure of many of the central rabbinic texts dealing with conversion to Judaism. Those Who Say They Are Vude and Are Not How Do You Know a Jew in Antiquity When You See One? Ioudaios Iudaeus Judaean Jew. THE BOUNDARY CROSSED BECOMING A JEW. From Ethnos to Ethnoreligion. Crossing the Boundary and Becoming a Jew. Israelite Mothers Israelite Fathers Matrilineal Deseent and the Inequality of the Convert.

WAS MARTIALS SLAVE SLAVE JEWISH? GLOSSARY OF SOME HEBREW TERMS. The Rabbinic Conversion Ceremony. THE BOUNDARY VIOLATED THE UNION OF DIVERSE Dating in bude cornwall ny. The Prohibition of Intermarriage. INDEX OF PREMODERN SOURCES. INDEX OF MODERN SCHOLARS. Boundaries, Varieties, Uncertainties Shaye J. Reasonable and well-informed people disputed whether a given person was Jewish or not; Cohen opens by Shabbat Sifra Sifrei Simeon slave status Stern story Strabo Talmud temple term Timothy tion Torah Tosafot Tosefta translation tzitzit University Press verb verse woman women word Yerushalmi Yevamot.

Palestine BCE CE","authors": WHO WAS A JEW? Lexicon of Jewish Names in Late Antiquity:

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