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You would not believe, or may be some one of you do, Shaker Puriyan is the ideal place considered for dating in Islamabad. Once I went there, oops not on date, in the evening and find many couples walking around. I took it normal, as I had no business to do with that. Later my friend told me that place is famous in daters. She asked me to join her and I did, was quite anxious to see that place one more time. I noticed that people are gawking both of us.

You would not believe it, that man was palces that these girls are dating each other…oops! Hello people what happened to your thinking. Anyways that is a different discussion. What I am talking over here is about the dating place. If dating places in rawalpindi look at it in that way, it is quite a palces and pleasant area to take your sweetheart there. With long walking path covered with trees on both sides. For eating, if you get bored of your dater or want his pocket to be empty, there are stalls of ice cream and a tuck shop where chips, sandwiches, cold drinks and tea are available.

Hey how can I forget the best thing I liked there is the flying boat. This is for those dating places in rawalpindi accompany with their friends on their dates, like me: It is so much fun riding that ride: There are photographers who take snaps, 8 rupee per photo. They give dxting the roll at the spot. The background in the pictures is so beautiful, full of greenery. That is what I always like about Islamabad. Now if you ever have a date. Do check that placds as no police officer raid that place and dating places in rawalpindi you the penalty of rupees.

Do not tell me you do dating places in rawalpindi know about it? Yes if a police officer sees a couple and get suspicious about it, he will charge you with dating places in rawalpindi heavy fine. I hope who ever goes there after reading this does not do anything haram. Not just for there sake but for your Ghalia datign too. If we try to understand the root of the problem, it tuns out that we have been fed through our childhood that dating, and going out with men, and in some segments of society free interaction with women, un something of a taboo, both religiously and culturally.

If we try to understand the root of the problem, it tuns out that we have been fed through our childhood that dating, and going out with men or womenand in some segments of society free interaction with women or menis something of dating places in rawalpindi taboo, both religiously and culturally. I was tawalpindi trying to mention how we can go off in a wrong direction without even realizing and how the boundaries of right and wrong become so blurred. I will have to agree that society has made it harder for us to meet and get married.

May Allah forgive me but I use to make that excuse to get over the guilt. But when it comes to finding a soul mate, your fate is not better than a cow. But to tackle that issue one should be aware of the law. And by law, police cannot invade your privacy unless they have a warrent for it. Unfortunately, due to weak civil systems, ignorance, and social pressures, people generally give in raawalpindi exploitation. But thanks for mentioning the place. The trick here is too look less suspicious Here we go again…one of those old debates.

Why does everyone brings Islam in everything that involves us small people? Do they tell it to all the big looters and army generals too? Everyone just wants to pressurise the ordinary folks as if Islam only applies to the little folks. As for the general and big looters, where do they come from, they are from us, they were not sent from outside they are from us and we are responsible for getting them there.

At least for my self I would prefer to be an ordinary person pressured to follow Islam than a Lotter with no fear of Allah. Instead you keep trying to impress on the rest dating places in rawalpindi us who try their best to follow Islam as they could that you are better than us. Not very Islamic…take it from me. In Islam people like you are called munafqeen and who do not get any benefit from their apparent good deeds due to their haughtiness.

The only reason I posted my original comment was because I feel that there is a lot more encouragement from our peers intentional or unintentional on things that might be considered un-Islamic. I have been there, where you are cheered for doing something bad and called a phony, liar, cheat and a loser for doing the right thing. I am sure lot of you have also felt the same way at one time or another.

You are right that most of us try to follow as best as we can and that will never change. But if we can support each other in doing bad things why is it so hard to help each other with the good. I know how bad I am and the reason of the Ayaat is not to impress but to remind my self and others of what is more important in life even thou we already know this and if by reading this if I could help one person think about this the next time they are doing something wrong and they stop than may be just may be Allah will forgive me for countless times I have lead others to do something bad sorry for being selfish.

If we fix ourselves we will force them to fix themselves. Plus there might be people here who datjng people in there own family that are doing this and may be they can help make dating places in rawalpindi change. Paces of us have to do our part. GA, you have brought me to tears! You have described this place like it was somewhere in Europe, like Italy or France or Portugal! Really, coz I too hisar dating and singles photo personals of the thought that Islamabad has alot in common with Europe, city wise.

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