Dating and marrying a Jehovah’s Witness. Should I convert?

Jehovah's Witness Dating Rules

If either had been married previously and were now single again how does one begin dating when there appears to be so much control? I mean seriously, do dating rules for jehovah witnesses actually have to have a chaperone? And who's to say if they do go out alone or on a trip adting if they both agree to do it secretly? Would someone actually squeal on them if found out?

Also, if they can't actually date whomeverwhenever, without the intent of marriage, what happens if it doesn't work out with the first person? Are they counselled to make it work? I just can't understand how a mature person could potentially set themselves up for disaster further on down the road. And yea, what about the sex?

Can you really stop a mature relationship from going there? Also, is there any time frame concerning how long you should date before dating rules for jehovah witnesses become engaged? I apologize if I sound too curiousbut it is really hard for me to understand it fof. And sex is definitely off-limits. Taking a multiple-day trip together would be virtually unheard of, unless planned with a group and rooming arrangements carefully worked out so as to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

I winesses I'm not exaggerating. Yes, people would squeal if they saw anything even remotely considered wrong. The couple may even turn themselves in. The conditioning is very strong. Age makes no difference. Chances are they'd be on exactly the same footing. Just being seen to have been alone in a house, regardless of how long, is a big problem If it was overnight, it'd be deemed they had sex. Assuming witnessees talking normal loyal consciencious JW's who witnezses being disloyal to Jehovah'?

Well, that just dosn't happen, either going away together or agreeing to a sinful secret like that. And yes, they'd be squeeled in a heartbeat. It'd be a big local scandle. The hook up peoria az dating rules for jehovah witnesses suggestion of going away or keeping the secret would be big trouble. If they get a reputation for being frivilous sp?

They're really strict on jshovah that regardless of age. That's where all the other rules come from. It's assumed that dating rules for jehovah witnesses non-virgins have done it all before, so wltnesses not have as much of a mental barrier to having sex than younger people might. No, but the assumption is that the longer it goes on the more datint you are to be overtaken by passion and 'fall into sin' Also, if it's taking a long time maybe there's no intent for marriage on one party which is holding up the other party and other singles they think and talk like that Still, if there are no 'special curculmstances' You'll find a lot of macarbe curiosity here I remember when a friend was dating and went to a Mcdonald's with her fiance.

Another JW saw her there fof reported them and they were counceled by the elders for doing that. They were both adults in their 30s with kids, etc. It was all innocent, but jebovah big deal was made out of it. How can you ever get to know someone if you aren't allowed to spent some time alone with them without some chaperone there breathing down your neck?

My adult daughter who never became a JW started to date dules man who was not a JW. Even though she only attended meetings occasionally she was counceled to "marry only in the lord" even jshovah she was not "in the lord" herself. I was counceled that I should make her do what they wanted her to do and that dating rules for jehovah witnesses should obey me even though jeehovah was an adult and her father was an unbeliever She was expected to have a chaperone too, but no JW would chaperone them because she was not a witness and neither was he.

It was a catch 22 situation and one of the many things that made me leave the Org. My daughter is happily married to a kind and intellegent man--not a JW. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll never understand how people can be so controlled and not realize it! I've often wondered if they are so concerned about being affected by the outside world why don't they live in a colony like the Hutterites?

I really wish there was a way to save these people from themselves!! Geez Finding love at my age is hard enough without someone else imposing a load of stupid dating rules for jehovah witnesses upon it. Ofr placed so many of my own already that its nigh on impossible to meet someone! Thinking of dumping the lot and letting nature take it's course. I would be willing to wait for sex untill marriage, having abstained for a few years already, but not the jjehovah of it.

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