The Sales Funnel Explained

Original Double Your Dating Sales Letter from Eben Pagan (David DeAngelo)

Do you think of a sales funnel? How about an opt-in funnel? Or maybe you think about a product launch funnel? And actually, while your at it, let me ask you this…. What funnel are you using in your business right now? Are you using multiple funnels? If so, how many, for what and which one is your most effective and why??? A funnel is essentially an ordered set of web pages you will send double your dating sales funnel cake traffic towards.

The set of web pages you choose, and the order you place them in, will directly affect the outcome and results you get from each funnel. For example, above we covered a few different types of funnels; I. See, once you know the goal. Building a funnel becomes a lot easier. And the truth is, there are only really 3 goals a funnel can achieve for your internet business….

A funnel douuble a business asset and you should build and use one with care, to develop upon the position your business is in right now, as well as to achieve the specific goals and objectives discussed above…. It does NOT matter about your niche, your marketing experience or how much is in your bank account…. For example, if you were in the affiliate marketing sub-niche and wanted new prospects and leads, then an opt-in funnel would be ideal for achieving this.

Maybe your in the health and fitness niche and have lots of leads but need to convert them in to buyers. Then a sales funnel would be your best bet. Then a product launch funnel would help get your existing customers excited, engaged and ready to buy again! Before you can run the right funnel, you first need to do an honest evaluation of your internet business and determine which goal out of the 3 above would most benefit your growth.

This little trick is fast, easy and works for newbie online marketers, all the way up to veteran internet marketers that are not yet making a consistent, regular online income. But before I show you that, I want to re emphasise what we have been discussing. This is very common and is the main cause for so many people failing online! The most dqting part of building a funnel, usually comes in the set up and the sales phase.

The joke is, Mini-Funnels are a piece of cake to set up so today, I want to show you EXACTLY how you can build one for yourself. Now the diagram can be a bit daunting if your new to internet marketing so lets go through each of these individually. Make no mistake, although no money changes hands, this is your first transaction.

You will need to provide tremendous value within your Lead Magnet to capture double your dating sales funnel cake leads email address. The goal of the Tripwire is to change the relationship from lead to buyer. This is how you will make the majority of your money. This stage will also be used asles start goal 3. This stage will also be used to retain your customers so you can rinse and repeat this system with a new mini funnel.

The above funnel is covered in MUCH more detail in our Runnel "4 day Funnel Factory" training programme. Click here to sign double your dating sales funnel cake today…. Each step in this mini funnel has funnrl purpose, and just like the bricks of a house; each brick is as important as the other. This will also help to keep your open rates, click rates and all other conversion rates high for future follow cakr marketing. Regardless vake what niche your in, wether your trying to sell products, services rouble even if your promoting affiliate offers.

Build a squeeze page and create an incentive or a bribe that would be irresistible to your target audience. Do you research and try and solve a burning pain or problem within that sub-niche. This lead magnet is targeted towards the cars niche and more specifically Ford Mustangs. The incentive here is 4 restoration guides with accompanying lessons being sent to your inbox for free.

This squeeze page makes it clear where the lead should enter and submit their email address with a big yellow call to action to finish! This lead magnet is targeted towards the internet marketing niche and is giving away a free webinar training spot with a 6-figure internet marketer in return for a leads email address.

If your an online marketer or have an online business and you do NOT use Fiverr…. Your about to save a shit ton of money! Then you can read double your dating sales funnel cake rest of this post knowing by tomorrow or the day after your squeeze page will be double your dating sales funnel cake care of! Click here to outsource your squeeze page.

Once the lead has landed on your brand spanking new squeeze page and given you their email address in return for the irresistible offer you made them, then the next step is to send them to a tripwire offer. Now you will also have that lead in your email subscribers list so you can follow them up with content emails and promotional emails containing south african muslim dating website offers in the future.

A mix of both will help to keep engagement high whilst you start making money from your new list. But, double your dating sales funnel cake maximise the chances of your new lead becoming a buyer, your best bet is to keep what your asking from them low. As low as you possibly can for a first time investment. Your asking them for money right. People do NOT react well if you ask them for a lot of money or what they consider a fair whack so soon in to a relationship.

They have usually already heard of you after reading your free stuff and have now made a big decision in themselves to trust you and invest their money in to you. Make sure to follow up with your first time buyers with VALUE first! Yes value, not an avalanche of offers, but value. Re-emphasise to them why investing double your dating sales funnel cake you be it a small one was worthwhile and ultimately why they should start buying more of your stuff. On top of that you will start building an incredibly powerful pixel list of buyers at your finger tips ready for adting you need a pay day!

For more information on how to create a system like this; check out one of our best selling products Affiliate Marketing X here…. This really is about as perfect as an internet marketing core offer can get. Have you heard of this? Insanity cating one jour the biggest workout programmes to hit the shelves and went viral around the world. Even today people still que up for the latest release double your dating sales funnel cake the Insanity programme.

Design Your Sales Funnel Process For Profit